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(generated from captions) while the Catholic is so critical? so positive about Pope Benedict, So how come the Anglican Bishop is more optimistic. But his Anglican counterpart was under the new Pope. about the bleak prospects spoke frankly The Catholic Bishop apparently between Anglicans and Catholics about the difference In Newcastle they're still confused I'm Liz Jackson. Welcome to Media Watch - and cardinals like this. colonels dress a bit like this, For future reference not a colonel. and he was a cardinal - including English, He speaks several languages elected Pope. but Josef Ratzinger was Hard for you to believe, and wrong. Sorry, Alan - that's wrong, wrong Now earlier this week This program is captioned live.

Sue Lester, was unapologetic. The ABC's head of promotions, The War Memorial told Media Watch. They were wrong. no-one would care. Maybe they thought get way with it. Maybe they thought they could into an Aussie digger. to turn him and replaced it with a slouch hat the British soldier's helmet So they took off gave it away. and that pith helmet but not the nationality, of the grieving soldier, The ABC liked the image The caption reads: website? from the Australian War Memorial's remarkably similar to this photo, But hang on, doesn't it look That photo says it all. of fallen comrade. near the cross leans on his rifle A distinctively Australian digger on that last poignant image. Let's pause for a moment 7.30 tonight. 'Revealing Gallipoli', and the most savage must weep. gentle must feel savage, At this spectacle even the most are just 10 yards apart. the Australian and Turkish trenches that the sea is red with blood, a pilot flying overhead reports troops are heading this way, 3,000 Turkish through the narrows, The Australian submarines got ABC's Gallipoli special? did you catch this promo for the embarrassment", While on the subject of "hurt and all the 'Herald's. The embarrassment is their quotes. Because the journalist mixed up

viewers saw him. as Sydney and Melbourne and here he is out on the field, President George Donikian, newsreader, Yes, that's Ten's Adelaide Could this be the reason? So why not Ten News in Adelaide? TV loves pictures like this. using more of the footage. Ten News ran the story longer, But in Sydney and Melbourne Some ran it short, like Perth. the night before. soccer riots in Melbourne all ran stories about the Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth Channel 10 News in Sydney, from that line-up? but isn't there something missing Good evening, George, Adelaide, last Monday night. from Ten News in as a very curious omission, a mistake, The following was not so much mourning their dead. of any nationality to tamper with an iconic image And it is a mistake you change his hat. no matter how many times He's still a British soldier -

for this exchange. now notorious colleague, Ray Hadley, but let's end by looking at his with Alan Jones We started tonight's Media Watch highlights. for these English soccer News found room Adelaide's Ten the soccer riot, But the same night they didn't run Maybe. don't like soccer in Adelaide. Well, maybe it's because they just the story to avoid embarassment. but Ten denies it dropped for the past six years It's been like this in Melbourne. they present the show from a studio faces of Ten News in Adelaide, Though George and Kelly are the and works in Melbourne. The Adelaide Newsreader lives really "on-hand". You see, George Donikian is not of the problem. But maybe that's part to fill them in. of one of the rioting clubs on hand didn't even have the president They and Brisbane knew all about it. in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne Funny that Channel 10 News not running the story. had anything to do with that George's involvement director Grant Harding denied Channel Ten's Adelaide news In fact not any mention at all. in your own news, George. Well, not front-page status

it's not just Elizabeth. And as you know, Ray, Elizabeth? From Mt Colah? You couldn't have forgotten Now, Ray, you know that isn't true. to his listeners. so he read it is what she's written - about Sue Javes What Ray particularly dislikes sights set on someone else. Eight days earlier Ray had his biggest bully on the block. Sydneysiders will be drawn to the who seem to believe market overloaded with shock jocks This is Hadley's selling point in a and cultivated by 2GB. aggression has been tolerated But let's be clear, Hadley's ultra known that Ray had 'gone too far'. The station management let it be from his attack. and distance themselves office to ring the Foreign Minister's two of his colleagues at 2GB caused at least to Alexander Downer Hadley's clumsy rudeness

Captioning and Subtitling International. Captions by Till next week, good night. please don't involve my children. But Ray, when you come after me, now too. and I guess I'll be on that list you have been warned, and untrustworthy Sue, So nasty Betty Ray's off the leash. played too often, suggests his daughter's song is elderly listener like Elizabeth but if an into the Bali pedophile scandal, to drag the Minister's children It's okay for Ray So, let's get it straight. Alexander Downer? What was it you asked "Don't involve my children?" Sydney's shock jocks - hypocrisy. That's the one problem with Sue Javes. But let's get back to what you told Sometimes you play it twice a day. and why not? complaints about the song, 2GB has had heaps of