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Death toll rises in Israeli Gaza offensive -

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Broadcast: 07/10/2004

Death toll rises in Israeli Gaza offensive

Reporter: Jane Hutcheon

TONY JONES: Palestinian sources say two more children have been killed in the ongoing Israeli
offensive in Gaza.

Earlier this week, a schoolgirl was shot 20 times when soldiers suspected she was carrying a bomb.

Up to 90 Palestinians and 5 Israelis have now died in the latest surge in violence which is now in
its 10th day.

Middle East correspondent Jane Hutcheon reports.

JANE HUTCHEON: The bodies of two boys, aged 12 and 14, the latest casualties in Israel's deadly

The army says they were militants about to fire a rocket, but in this war the only truth is the
body count.

Despite the massive Israeli presence in Gaza, crude Palestinian mortars continue to strike nearby
settlements and towns within Israel.

Earlier in Gaza, metal workshops were destroyed, part of what the Jewish State says is an act of

Northern Gaza is one of the most densely populated places in the world.

Separating militant from civilian, an impossible task.

No-one is immune from danger.

Palestinian militants killed a Thai worker employed in a settlement.

GIL MESSING, ISRAELI DEFENCE SPOKESMAN: They were infiltrating the green houses.

They opened fire and managed to kill one of the foreign workers who was working inside the green

JANE HUTCHEON: The militants were shot dead and Israel's offensive continues.

Jane Hutcheon, Lateline.

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