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(generated from captions) CHANTING carried on a tide of grief. In death, he floated above them, in the midst of his people. In life, he was happiest Hamish Fitzsimmons. followed by Lateline's our coverage of the past week, Her reports start last Sunday. since the pontiff's death has been in Rome Europe correspondent Jane Hutcheon as nine days of mourning began. in St Peter's Basilica was laid to rest The body of Pope John Paul II after the largest funeral in history. the congested city of Rome have been leaving Pilgrims and world leaders in about 15 minutes time. with Michael Maher for Asia Pacific Focus And stay with us later the ABC's foreign correspondents. including reports from our weekly look at the world Hello and welcome to Seven Days, Join me for Seven Days. I'm Joe O'Brien. the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall. And - wedded at last, Pope John Paul II. The world farewells A wedding and a funeral. This program is captioned live.

no possessions in his will. John Paul left in his 26-year reign. having been visited by the Pope many of those countries representatives to the funeral, 155 nations sent official who have converged on Rome. joined the millions leaders from around the world Heads of state, kings, and spiritual for a man whose message was peace. marked the beginning of the service bells followed by a gentle chorus In St Peter's Square, electing the Pope's successor. as the date they will begin The cardinals have set 18 April to the faithful. the pontiff's final message are awaiting the release of Catholics worldwide viewed the Pope's body, As a constant stream of mourners I will stand until I can get in. It doesn't matter how long. 15 hours to see the body. People queued for up to to Poland's most famous son. travelling here to say goodbye from the Pope's homeland, Many have come to St Peter's Square. to carry pilgrims buses are continuing Here at Rome's Central Station, to stay away. Many have ignored the warnings of the world, they've come. From every corner to face the devout. a last turn the entrance to the Basilica, As the procession reached CHANTING faith and humility. for a life of service, compassion and thanks, his flock displays overwhelming Each day since death,

to land near Andramayu. struck trouble as it came in Army, Air Force and Navy personnel the chopper, carrying Australian on a late-afternoon sortie, But after leaving and taking in medical teams. from the island's south ferrying out casualties on the quake-stricken island, had started its mission flying from HMAS 'Kanimbla', the Sea King helicopter 02, Hours earlier to Nias became its own tragedy. where Australia's military aid This is the grassy field covering the slow delivery of aid. who was also on Nias by correspondent Peter Lloyd, His report is followed was at the crash site. Indonesia correspondent Tim Palmer part in the relief effort crashed. when a Sea King helicopter taking personnel died Nine Australian Defence Force military accidents. worst peace-time the scene of one of Australia's to its recovery last week - suffered a terrible blow island of Nias The tiny, earthquake-devastated lie near the crypt of St Peter. John Paul II's body will of popes from the millenia, where, with the remains was carried deep under the Basilica At the end of the mass the casket until the very last moment. unreservedly He wanted to give of himself secure to keep it for himself. never wanted to make his own life Our pope - and we all know this - TRANSLATION OF CARDINAL RATZINGER: to his last day. John Paul was a priest as he reminded the crowd was emotional the Dean of the College of Cardinals, mass, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, The principal celebrant of the throughout his life was remembered. The Pope's compassion and strength in which John Paul II is held. such is the esteem across the Middle East, which even went live watched the broadcast, millions around the world Aside from the crowds packing Rome, (Speaks Swahili) of the Catholic Church. and reflected the gloabal nature like no other This was a papal funeral written in Latin. lay a description of his achievements made of cypress and zinc, Inside his simple casket,

Buddhist ceremonies around Thailand. Back in Thailand, South-East Asia correspondent Peter Lloyd reports that tourists are starting to return now, while the huge task of identifying the victims continues. Forensic experts have identified around one-third of the more than 4,000 victims of December's tsunami. 18 Australians died. A further six are still listed as missing, their fate a matter of grave concern. They were reported by the families as being in Thailand, Khao Lak, marked last week by since the Boxing Day tsunami, It's now 100 days and they are also now presumed dead. are missing but they say a further 2,017 people more than 500 bodies, The Indonesians have recovered anyone survived under the rubble. there's almost no chance after this many days, It's pretty clear that of the island. destined for the remotest parts like water and noodles, A payload of basic necessities loaded with boxes, not bullets. stripped of their weapons, air force gun ships - from Indonesian by air So they're delivering supplies from reaching many areas. slowing or preventing aid now broken apart, Nias roads, never very good, This is why - they've had no help from anyone. Since the earthquake, debris cut his grand-daughter. The old man showed us where falling with vomiting and stomach pain. Most of the children are sick (Baby cries) a dozen hungry mouths. they have to feed over A small pot holds all the food that was once their home. across from the rubble a desperate family shelters In a remote corner of Nias, was engulfed in flame. Minutes later, the entire helicopter like this." "Then it went down nose-first "but the engine suddenly stopped. I don't know why, "then when it got there, she says, "It was coming in smoothly", there was instead disaster. But metres from landing, expecting medical aid and food. as the helicopter came in to land, and ran to the football field how they praised God Eyewitnesses described

and what we're trying to identify is where they are. Thailand's battered fishing fleet - most of the workforce were illegal migrants from Burma. Their deaths and disappearances not reported by relatives, who fear deportation. We estimate there were at least 1,000 Burmese killed in Panang area during the tsunami. Rebuilding projects are under way - this a boat-building shed to replace the destroyed fishing fleet. Tourists are coming back, but for some, death and disaster is the key attraction. Sites where people died the backdrop for holiday snapshots. It kind of disgusts me when I think of tsunami tours coming through. It may be back to business, but not back to normal. A former Kurdish rebel has become Iraq's first freely elected President, and he's named a top religious Shi'ite, Ibrahim Jaafari, as Prime Minister. In a parliamentary session that ended weeks of deadlock, a Shia and a Sunni were named deputy-presidents. The parliament must now write a new constitution to prepare for fresh elections in October. Hamish Fitzsimmons reports. In the end, it was a landslide for Jalal Talabani. He received 227 votes in the 275-seat Interim Assembly and pledged to work for security and national unity. This is a very sacred duty you have asked me to assume. Iraq's lawmakers are triumphant. The Iraqi people have proven that they are civilised people and that they can present a positive example and experience to the entire region. The outgoing interim president, Ghazi al-Yawer, a Sunni, has been named deputy president, as has the Shia finance minister, Adel Abdul-Mahdi. Once oppressed by Saddam Hussein's regime, Kurds supported the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003. Now they have unprecedented power despite the parliament being dominated by the Shia Islamist Alliance. It appears the call for unity appears to be having some effect. TRANSLATION: We are very pleased. There was no difference between Arabs and Kurds. All Iraqis are proud and boasted about electing the president and his deputies. There was no difference between Arabs, Kurds or Shi'ites. All of them are Iraqis and we are proud of them. Officials say the broadcast showing the birth of Iraqi parliamentary democracy was shown live to former dictator Saddam Hussein and senior figures from his regime in their jail cells. Every success of Iraq's emerging democracy could help Britain's Tony Blair convince voters he did the right thing by helping to oust Saddam Hussein. The British Prime Minister has just announced a general election on May 5. While most observers predict a third term for his Labour Party, opinion polls put the opposition Conservatives within striking distance. Philip Williams reports from London. Down the Mall and into history, Tony Blair's visit to Buckingham Palace to request an election was Britain's worst-kept political secret. The one thing that motivates me personally, every day of my political life, a belief that we should create a country where, regardless of someone's class or background or race or colour or religion, they get the chance to make the most of themselves. Last time the election was delayed by foot and mouth disease. Foot in mouth - an affliction the mercurial Prime Minister is largely immune from. But he certainly has his image problems this time around. He's offended a lot of people. The Iraq war was very unpopular. Many people see him as a slightly slippery sort of character, so, you know, there's a feeling of disgruntlement, resentment to a certain extent about him, but I don't think there's any great desire to put the conservatives in. The Conservative Party leader, Michael Howard, will be heartened by new polls which put him just a couple of points behind Labour. They can either reward Mr Blair for eight years of broken promises and vote for another five years of talk, or they can vote conservative. But they have one major problem - Tony Blair is blessed with a booming economy. Besides, many would argue, who would elect a conservative government when there's already one being run by Mr Blair? It appears the best the conservatives can hope for is to take a big bite out of his 161-hitch seat majority. The road to peace can be a rough one. Passengers found out the hard way when they embarked on an historic bus trip between the Indian and the Pakistani sectors of Kashmir - the first in 60 years. They were targeted by militants before setting out and fired on again along the way. But with the dividing line of control now breached, there are hopes the trip might pave the way for a lasting peace. Our South Asia correspondent Geoff Thompson reports. History is made in South Asia as ordinary people straddle the divide at the heart of the dispute between the region's nuclear powers, India and Pakistan. Buses, carrying the hopes of more than a billion people, reach the line of control which has crudely split Kashmir since 1949. Families reunite in a brave gesture of reconciliation designed to slap down the very real threats of violence. Earlier, India's prime minister, Manmohan Singh, flagged off buses in Srinigar. "For us, to open the links for the commuters "is only the first step," he said. "One door has opened which has its own importance, "and for that I am very thankful "for the people who came together with us "to make this possible." But yesterday it seemed as if this first cross-Kashmir bus link in nearly 60 years was doomed before it could start. The very safe house designed to protect the bus passengers was attacked by militants and burnt to the ground. The passengers escaped, along with others - but at least one militant was killed and up to 13 people were injured. The very tourist centre set up to welcome today's Pakistani visitors was burnt to the ground. As you can see, there's still every good reason to stay away from Kashmir where violent incidents occur almost daily in a conflict which has seen between 35,000 and 80,000 people killed since 1989. But in the last year alone, the number of tourists, including Australians, has more than doubled. And far from strife and conflict, this is the Kashmir they come to see. A place of breathtaking beauty, known throughout South Asia as a heaven on earth - a unique place that neither Kashmiris, Indians or Pakistanis are willing to surrender. Monaco has been in mourning following the death of Prince Rainier III. Prince Rainier ruled for more than 50 years, during which he transformed Monaco from an obscure principality into a hot spot for the world's rich and famous. He first brought celebrity to Monaco in 1956 when he married the American movie star, Grace Kelly. In recent weeks, Prince Rainier had been battling heart, kidney and breathing problems. He was 81. Well, the royal wedding that's been dogged by controversy before it was even announced has finally taken place. In the past week, events seemed to conspire against it happening at all. Our reports are from the ABC's Philip Williams and the BBC. The outgoing interim president a sewny has been named a deputy st as as the Finance Minister. Once 07 prosed by Saddam Hussein's regime, Kurds supported the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Now they have unprecedented power, despite the A wedding, a funeral, same guest list - something had to give. The wedding would have to wait one wedding would have to wait one more day. It's just another in a long list of setbacks for the royal couple now in even more waiting. First the venue has changed from Windsor kas toll the First the venue has changed from Windsor kas toll the Windsor Guild Hall for legal reasons. The queen and Prince Philip announce they'd wouldn't be going and then the Pope

was to be buried on the same day. was to be buried on the same day. In the latest embarrassment undercover journalists posing as workmen drove a hire van right into Windsor Castle, past the chapel where the royal couple will be blessed and near the Queen's quarters. In the back, a box clearly marked "bomb" back, a box clearly marked "bomb". Police were back, a box clearly marked "bomb". Police were severely embarrassed with this latest breach of security. It looks to me as if somebody has done something very stupid. Not everyone approves of this union. I just despise her for what she I just despise her for what she has done to Diana. Joan Barry is a founding member of The Diana Circle, dedicated to the memory of Princess Diian in and totally opposed to Diian in and totally opposed to this royal wedding. He can't be king royal wedding. He can't be king and she can't be queen and royal wedding. He can't be king and she can't be queen and I don't want her to have Diana's titles. Royal expert Robert Lacey thinks all of the dramas attached to this will sway public sympathy for the couple. People are actually saying, "They have suffered enough". The have suffered enough". The prince's first marriage starts add fairytale and ended a disaster. He will be hoping and ended a disaster. He will be hoping this time that sequence is reversed with the new Princess of Wales. It has been long incoming and much anguish along the way, but at lunchtime today the Prince Charles has brought the woman he Charles has brought the woman he has loved for most of his adult life finally to exchange marriage vows with her. The civil ceremony was brief. The crowds waited for just brief. The crowds waited for just 20 minutes. Then the couple emerged brief. The crowds waited for just 20 minutes. Then the couple emerged arm-in-arm. He as husband, she as wife and as Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cornwall . Shortly before 2.30 the queen made her before 2.30 the queen made her first public appearance at the service which she all along has regarded as the centrepiece of the day. Then into an historic chapels where kins andians have been married and where andians have been married and where many are bur cid, a future king brought his wife to receive God's blessing on their marriage. It

blessing on their marriage. It began with the Archbishop of Canterbury leading the couple and the congress growgation in the repen tense of past sins. We acknowledge and bewail our sins and wickedness. bewail our sins and wickedness... And then with the children from their former children from their former marriages and the rest of their children from their former marriages and the rest of their families looking on, Charles, Prince Charles and Camilla Duchess of Cornwall committed their lives to each other. Heavenly father, by thy blessing let these rings be to Charles and Camilla a symbol of unending love and faithfulness... They walked down the aisle alone out on to the steps down the aisle alone out on to the steps of St George's Chapel. There they were joined by the queen and their other relatives . Many have wondered what the queen thinks of this marriage. Fishes say she wholeheartedly supports it and certainly today she seemed relaxed and happy. And that's the world in Seven Days. Stay with us now for Asia Pacific Focus with Michael Maher.