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Keelty warns of terrorist threat -

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MAXINE MCKEW: Australians have been warned the sentencing of Jemmah Islamiyah's spiritual leader,
Abu Bakar Bashir could result in a terrorist backlash. The Federal Police Commissioner says
intelligence agencies will be reviewing the threat level and a fresh attack can not be ruled out.
The Government says it's urged Indonesia to appeal against the leniency of the Bashir sentence, but
officials in Jakarta say the Indonesian Government hasn't been directly approached. From Canberra,
Narda Gilmore reports.

NARDA GILMORE: As Abu Bakar Bashir was sentenced hundreds of Jamar Islamir members gathered in a
show of support. Security agencies in Australia are wary about what impact Bashir's
two-and-a-half-year sentence will have.

MICK KEELTY: Who knows how many supporters he's got? Who knows how many people will now take up and
support him?

NARDA GILMORE: The AFP Commissioner won't rule out the possibility of a terrorist attack backlash.

MICK KEELTY: That's always on the cards. I mean, I can't disclose to you what the current
intelligence is, but, you know, we were concerned about this at the time of his arrest, even,
because he's such a significant figure.

NARDA GILMORE: With the two suspected masterminds of the Australian Embassy bombings still on the
run, it's feared JI might be encouraged to strike again.

MICK KEELTY: So obviously we'll need to listen to the intelligence agencies, and no doubt they'll
be doing update threat assessments today in the light of the conviction.

PHILIP RUDDOCK: He is right. You review threat levels all the time, and if there is a variable you
take that into account.

NARDA GILMORE: For now the Government is not aware of any imminent threat.

PHILIP RUDDOCK: I have not seen anything that suggests that we should review that assessment, but
if that advice is forthcoming then it is a matter upon which we would act.

NARDA GILMORE: But Labor is concerned about gaps in intelligence and policing and says
counter-terrorism efforts must be stepped up.

KEVIN RUDD: Today's statement by Commissioner Keelty should be a warning bell again to the Howard
Government to lift its game as far as our counter-terrorism strategy in the region is concerned.

NARDA GILMORE: But the Opposition and the Government are in agreement on the leniency of Bashir's

PETER COSTELLO: I hope there is an appeal and I hope that a sentence commensurate with the level of
death and suffering that was caused by that terrorist act is imposed.

KIM BEAZLEY : This man should spend the rest of his miserable life in gaol and the Australian
Government should be doing what it can to put pressure on for an appeal to extend his sentence.

NARDA GILMORE: There is pressure also from the United States.

RICHARD BONCHER: We are disappointed with the results of this trial. We believe these results are
not commensurate with Bashir's culpability.

NARDA GILMORE: Here, the Federal Government says it's done all it can, urging Indonesia to appeal.
It says the Australian Embassy in Jakarta has already raised the issue with the Indonesian

PHILIP RUDDOCK: We have encouraged Indonesia to appeal the matter. I mean, it is a matter for their

NARDA GILMORE: But Jakarta's Foreign Ministry says it's not aware of an approach from the
Australian Government.

NARTY NATALWEGA: So far as official Government go, Government representations, none have been made
and none is expected because this is purely a judicial process.

NARDA GILMORE: The Indonesian Embassy in Canberra says Australia should express its concerns
directly to the court. Narda Gilmore, Lateline.