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Crash victims return home -

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Crash victims return home

Reporter: Kerry O'Brien

KERRY O'BRIEN: Welcome. And while Catholics around the world continue to mourn the passing of their
spiritual leader in the Vatican, we're devoting the opening minutes of this program to another
remarkable moment of mourning here in Australia - at busy Sydney Airport, in fact. The mourners
were relatively few in number, but their sorry and solemnity was deep in its intensity. The bodies
of nine Australian servicemen and women who died in the service of humanity helping the
earthquake-shattered island community of Nias off the coast of Sumatra on Saturday were brought
home today. They were given an Indonesian honour guard on departure from Sumatra and medals of
honour by Indonesian President Yudhoyono himself on arrival in Sydney, with Australia's Prime
Minister in lock step. The pictures here tell a powerful story, the emotions of families palpable
in their grief.

PRIEST: As we receive their remains in the country of Australia, we commend their souls to you,
their creator.


KERRY O'BRIEN: A tragedy that has torn hearts but bound nations.