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One of 'Bali nine' offered $1m bribe, police -

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One of 'Bali nine' offered $1m bribe, police allege

Reporter: Peter Lloyd

TONY JONES: Indonesian police have claimed tonight that one of the Australians arrested for
allegedly trying to smuggle heroin into Australia offered them $1 million in return for his
freedom. The police have declined to name which of the Australians have allegedly made that offer.
The man described by police as the mastermind of the smuggling operation says he knows nothing
about the drugs. 21-year-old Andrew Chan is one of the nine Australians arrested in Bali, some of
whom had millions of dollars of heroin strapped to their bodies when they tried to board an
Australian Airlines flight to Sydney. No charges have yet been laid, but the suspects spent today
being interrogated by Indonesian Drug Squad detectives. From Denpasar, South East Asia
correspondent Peter Lloyd reports.

PETER LLOYD: Suspects on parade - this, the 21-year-old Sydney man labelled the drug ring godfather
by Indonesian police.

ANDREW CHAN, SMUGGLING SUSPECT: I went for a holiday and I did not know anything. I did not do it.

REPORTER 1: You didn't know the drugs were there?


REPORTER: Have you ever used heroin?

ANDREW CHAN: No - check me.

PETER LLOYD: His parents say he left home without telling them he was going overseas.

ANDREW CHAN: Can you tell them I love them very much and you know, I've done nothing wrong. You
know, they didn't even find anything on me and they convicted me of nothing.

REPORTER 2: How'd this happen, mate? Has there been some sort of mix-up?

PETER LLOYD: Eight other Australians also facing execution by firing squad spent the day being
ushered from police cells to interrogation rooms, being quizzed about a conspiracy to smuggle
millions of dollars of high-grade heroin. Five suspects were arrested at Denpasar Airport, four
allegedly with packages of heroin strapped to their bodies. Inside suitcases police claim they
found a small amount of heroin, weighing scales and other equipment. All nine suspects can remain
in police custody for up to 70 days while the investigation continues. Although no charges have
been laid yet, Indonesian police are already saying the Australians deserve the death penalty.
Police say they recovered almost 11kg in the operation. That's more than 60 times the amount
traffickers Kevin Barlow and Brian Chambers were executed for in Malaysia in 1986. The heroin
arrests came as accused marijuana trafficker Schapelle Corby was taken from a Bali jail to hospital
for a medical check-up after a series of courtroom collapses delayed her case. Was she now fit?
Actually, physically - yes. The all-clear means Schapelle Corby returns to court on Thursday to
hear whether prosecutors will seek the death penalty. Peter Lloyd, Lateline, Denpasar.