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Wentworth candidates have their say -

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Wentworth candidates have their say

The three candidates involved in the battle for one of the most enthralling contest in the country,
the Sydney-based seat of Wentworth, are each given less than a minute to have their say.

MALCOLM TURNBULL, CANDIDATE FOR WENTWORTH, NSW, (LIB): This Saturday the voters of Wentworth face a
very clear choice. Who do we want to run Australia for the next three years? Do we want to continue
with low interest rates, strong economic growth and high employment? That's what John Howard and
his Liberal team have delivered for 8.5 years. Or do we want to put that all at risk by electing
Mark Latham and his Labor team? The parents of Wentworth have a big choice too. Most of the
schoolchildren in this electorate attend non-government schools and most of those schools will lose
funding if Labor is elected. If I am chosen as the representative in Canberra of this community, I
will be a strong voice within the Liberal team to protect and promote the interests of the people
of Wentworth. I'm Malcolm Turnbull.

DAVID PATCH, CANDIDATE FOR WENTWORTH, NSW (ALP): We won't always be as young as we are now but when
we're 75 we'll be glad of the free hospital care we get under Medicare Gold. And we'll be glad
before then too, because the anxiety we used to feel about our old parents and their various
medical crises and nursing home choices will be less because of Labor's new policies. I'm in the
Labor Party because I share its values. A fair go for all, a belief that all our kids deserve a
good education, that the elderly should live with dignity, and tolerance for all regardless of
race, religion, age, gender or how they spend their time after hours. People with open minds and
open hearts are looking for change now. I'll give them that change in Wentworth. I'm David Patch.

PETER KING, CANDIDATE FOR WENTWORTH, NSW (INDEPENDENT): For the last 3 years I've had the honour
and privilege of representing this great seat in our Federal Parliament but I'm standing again
because I believe the major political parties have taken the electorate, and this electorate in
particular, for granted. I'm also standing because I want to draw a line in the sand underneath the
legacy of Sir Robert Menzies who established the Liberal Party and those values for the forgotten
people of this country, for the little people. So I'm asking my voters next weekend to vote again
for a conscientious and effective and hard-working member of Parliament. Someone who believes in a
fair go for all Australians and who has a vision for Australia. I'm Peter King.

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