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KMT, China unite on Taiwan -

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KMT, China unite on Taiwan

Reporter: Maxine McKew

MAXINE MCKEW: Following a landmark meeting, the leaders of China's Communist Party and Taiwan's KMT
opposition party have issued a joint statement rejecting independence for the island and agreeing
to work together to reduce tensions in the Taiwan Strait.

Lien Chan is the first senior Taiwanese politician to set foot on the mainland since the two sides
split after the civil war ended in 1949.

Despite the obvious warmth between Chan and Chinese President, Hu Jintao, relations between the two
countries have been strained.

Beijing has taken an increasingly hostile stance towards the pro-independence policy of Taiwan's
incumbent Democratic Progressive Party.

In today's talks, the leaders have agreed they should return to a 1992 consensus between Beijing
and Taipei, which specified that the island and the mainland belonged to "one China".