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JOINT STANDING COMMITTEE ON ELECTORAL MATTERS - 17/03/2009 - Conduct of the 2007 federal election and matters related thereto
Joint committee
Tuesday, 17 March 2009
Conduct of the 2007 federal election and matters related thereto

CHAIR (Mr Melham) —I declare open this public hearing of the Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters and its inquiry into the conduct of the 2007 federal election. At today’s hearing we will hear from the Australian Electoral Commission. This is the third time that the commission has appeared before the committee for this inquiry and the first time that the recently appointed electoral commissioner, Mr Ed Killesteyn, has appeared. On behalf of the committee, Mr Killesteyn, I congratulate you on your appointment. The committee looks forward to working with you in future.

Mr Killesteyn —Thank you.

CHAIR —In its initial submission, the Australian Electoral Commission suggested that the committee consider a number of changes to electoral law and administration, including treating home division pre-poll votes as ordinary votes to allow these votes to be counted on election night, retaining proof of identity for first time enrolees only, repeal of the requirement for provisional voters to produce identity documents, and providing online update of enrolment details by electors whose identities have been verified by the proof of identity process. This hearing provides an opportunity for the committee to examine proposals aimed at making the electoral process more accessible for electors.

[12.18 pm]