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Family and Community Affairs Portfolio

Consideration resumed from 31 May 2004

Senators in attendance:

Senator Patterson, Minister for Family and Community Services

Department of Family and Community Services


Mr Mark Sullivan, Secretary

Mr Wayne Jackson, Deputy Secretary

Mr Stephen Hunter, Deputy Secretary

Executive Directors and General Manager

Ms Cate McKenzie, Executive Director, Alliance and Delivery Frameworks Cluster

Mr Tim Youngberry, Executive Director, Budget and Financial Management Cluster

Ms Glenys Beauchamp, Executive Director, Community Development and Support Cluster

Ms Peta Winzar, Executive Director, Economic and Social Participation Cluster

Mr David Kalisch, Executive Director, Family and Children Cluster

Mr Robert Knapp, Executive Director, Strategic and Ageing Cluster

Ms Serena Wilson, Executive Director, Welfare Reform Cluster

Ms Catherine Argall, General Manager, Child Support Agency

1.1: Family Assistance

Mr David Hazlehurst, Assistant Secretary, Family and Children's Policy Branch

Ms Lynne Curran, Assistant Secretary, Family Payments and Child Support Policy Branch

Mr Tony Carmichael, Assistant Secretary, Family and Children's Services Branch

1.2: Youth and Student Support

Mr Jeff Popple, Assistant Secretary, Youth Bureau Programs Branch

Ms Kasy Chambers, Assistant Secretary, Youth Bureau Policy and Promotions Branch

1.3: Child Support

Ms Catherine Argall, General Manager, Child Support Agency

Mr Trevor Sutton, Assistant General Manager, Child Support Agency

1.4: Child Care Support

Ms Dawn Casey, Assistant Secretary, Child Care Services Branch

Ms Lee Emerson, Assistant Secretary, Child Care Benefits Branch

2.1: Housing Support

Ms Liza Carroll, Assistant Secretary, Housing Support Branch

2.2: Community Support

Mr Simon Rosenberg, Assistant Secretary, Community Branch

3.1: Labour Market Assistance

Mr Pete Searle, Assistant Secretary, Labour Market and Parenting Branch

3.2: Disabilities

Ms Frances Davies, Assistant Secretary, Disability Service Reforms Branch

Mr Glen Halloran, State Manager, Queensland State Office

3.3: Carer Support

Ms Peta Winzar, Executive Director, Economic and Social Participation Cluster

3.4: Aged Support

Mr Alex Dolan, Assistant Secretary, Seniors and Means Test Branch

Mr Barry Sandison, Assistant Secretary, Participation Strategies Branch

FaCS Across all outcomes

Mr Evan Lewis, Assistant Secretary, Early Childhood and Communities Branch

Mr Steve Jennaway, Assistant Secretary Budget Development Branch

Mr Nick Hartland, Assistant Secretary, Centrelink Relationships Branch

Ms Linda Powell, Assistant Secretary, International Branch

Mr Brendan Jacomb, Assistant Secretary, Legal Services Branch

Mr Andrew Herscovitch, Assistant Secretary, Ministerial and Communications Branch

Ms Kim Loveday, Assistant Secretary, Resource Management Branch

Ms Fiona Smart, Assistant Secretary, Service Delivery and Assurance Branch

Mr Robert Porteous, Assistant Secretary, Strategic Policy and Knowledge Branch

Mr Andrew Whitecross, Assistant Secretary, Strategic Policy and Knowledge Branch

Mr Bruce Smith, Assistant Secretary, Welfare Reform Taskforce

Mr Phil Lindenmayer, Chief Internal Auditor, Service Delivery and Assurance Branch

Mr Evan Mann, Senior Adviser, Special Advisory Group

Ms Patricia Pearson, Adviser, Special Advisory Group

Australian Institute of Family Studies

Dr Ann Sanson, Acting Director

Ms Catherine Rosenbrock, Manager, Strategy and Communications


Ms Sue Vardon, Chief Executive Officer

Mr Graham Bashford, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Business

Mr Paul Hickey, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Service Management

Ms Pat Turner, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Customer Service

Ms Jane Treadwell, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Business Transformation/CIO

Ms Charitee Davies, Acting General Manager, Strategic and Business Planning

Ms Katrina Edwards, General Manager, Strategic and Business Planning

Mr Robert Williams, Acting General Manager, Participation and Client Partnerships

Ms Christine Hagan, General Manager, Centrelink Call

Ms Carolyn Hogg, General Manager, Service Integration Shop

Ms Carmel McGregor, General Manager, People and Corporate Performance

Mr Glyn Tomlinson, Acting National Manager, Corporate Performance

Mr David Wilden, Acting National Manager, Workforce Capability and People Management

Mr Mark le Dieu, Acting National Manager, Workplace Relations and Policy

Ms Ann Steward, General Manager, Capability Creation and Management

Ms Elaine Ninham, National Manager, Capability Planning

Mr Trevor Smallwood, National Manager, IT Refresh Program Office

Mr Grant Tidswell, General Manager, Families

Dr Louise Tucker, General Manager, I&T Operations/I&T Service Executive

Mr John Wadeson, General Manager, New Business Solutions

Mr Mike Goldstein, Chief Auditor

Dr Helen McKenna, National Manager, Risk and Business Assurance

Mr Rod Gibson, National Manager, Contracts and Procurement

Mr Paul Cowan, National Manager, Debt Services

Ms Elayne Strahan, Acting National Manager, Participation Payments

Ms Jan Bush, National Manager, Retirement, Carers and Means Test

Ms Michelle Gunasekera, National Manager, Working Age Reform and Simplification

Mr Phil Richardson, National Manager, Detection and Review

Mr Colin Parker, National Manager, Property and Services

Ms Jo Gaha, National Manager, Business Alliances

Mr Marilyn Prothero, Chief Finance Officer and National Manager, Financial Services

Mr Karel Havlat, National Manager, Resource Management

Mr Robin Salvage, National Manager, Service Delivery Integration

Mr Hank Jongen, National Manager, Communication, Media and Marketing

Ms Sally Babbage, National Manager, Families and Child Care

Ms Jenny Thomson, Acting National Manager, Participation Services

Mr Darryl Alexander, National Manager, Participation Requirements

Ms Desley Hargreaves, National Manager, Social Work and Social Inclusion Services

Ms Barbara Causon, National Manager, Indigenous Services

Ms Ruth Freeman, National Manager, Customer Assessment and Referral Services

Ms Elizabeth Hampton, Business Leader, Service Recovery Team

Mr Stephen Connell, Business Leader, Service Recovery Team

Mr Peter Ball, Manager Centrelink International Services

Mr Peter Rock, National Manager, Multicultural Services

Ms Sheryl Lewin, National Manager, Future Capability

Mr Pat Fegan, National Manager, Business and Information Protection

Mr John Regan, National Manager, Area Network

Mr Greg Divall, National Manager, Rural and New Business

Mr Tony Barley, Acting National Manager, Customer Service

Mr Glenn Archer, National Manager, E-Business

Mr Graham Maloney, National Manager, Centrelink Call Operations

Mr Ian McShane, Group Director, Business Transformation

Ms Sheila Ross, Chief Customer Officer

Ms Margaret Hamilton, Dean, Centrelink Virtual College

Mr Dennis Mahony, Acting National Manager, Business Practices

Mr Brian Pacey, National Manager, Profiling and Reviews

Mr Brian Silkstone, National Manager, Customer Support

Ms Lynette Seeto, National Manager, Corporate Systems

Ms Robyn Kemp, National Manager, Environmental Management

Mr Paul Conn, National Manager, Business Intelligence and Information

Ms Peta Fitzgibbon, National Manager, Participation

Mr Brad Clark, National Manager, Project Services and Delivery

Mr Keith Bender, Business Manager, Families and Child Care