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Economics Legislation Committee


In Attendance

Senator McGrath, Assistant Minister to the Prime Minister

Senator Sinodinos, Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science

Australian Securities and Investments Commission

Mr Greg Medcraft, Chairman

Mr Peter Kell, Deputy Chairman

Mr John Price, Commissioner

Ms Cathie Armour, Commissioner

Ms Joanna Bird, Senior Executive Leader

Mr Greg Kirk, Senior Executive Leader

Mr Warren Day, Senior Executive Leader

Mr Michael Saadat, Senior Executive Leader

Ms Sharon Concisom, Senior Executive Leader

Mr Gerard Fitzpatrick, Senior Executive Leader

Productivity Commission

Ms Karen Chester, Deputy Chair

Ms Nina Davidson, Head of Office

Superannuation Complaints Tribunal

Ms Helen Davis, Chairperson

Commonwealth Grants Commission

Mr Michael Willcock, Secretary

Mr Anthony Nichols, Assistant Secretary

Mr Phillip Parkins, Director, Corporate Services

Australian Bureau of Statistics

Mr David Kalisch, Australian Statistician

Ms Gillian Nicoll, Acting Deputy Australian Statistician, Transformation Group

Mr Jonathan Palmer, Deputy Australian Statistician, Enabling Services Group

Mr Bruce Hockman, General Manager, Macroeconomic Statistics Division

Mr Tom Joseph, Acting General Manager, Industry Statistics Division

Dr Paul Jelfs, General Manager, Population and Social Statistics Division

Mr Michael Smedes, Acting General Manager, Statistical Transformation and Implementation Division

Mr Michael Meagher, Acting General Manager, Statistical Infrastructure Development Division

Dr Siu-Ming Tam, Chief Methodologist and General Manager, Methodology Division

Ms Samantha Palmer, General Manager, People, Culture and Communication Division

Mr Duncan Young, Acting General Manager, Census and Statistical Network Services Division

Mr Lane Masterton, Program Manager, Technology Capability Branch

Ms Lily Viertmann, Chief Finance Officer and Chief Risk Officer, Finance, Risk and Planning Division

Mr Steve Hamilton, Chief Information Officer and General Manager, Technology and Security Division

Ms Celia Moss, Program Manager, Transitioning Statistics Branch

Ms Denise Carlton, Program Manager, Population Branch

Ms Jacqui Jones, Program Manager, Labour and Income Branch

Committee met at 09:01

CHAIR ( Senator Hume ): Welcome. I declare open this meeting of the Senate Economics Legislation Committee. The committee will continue to hear from the Treasury portfolio with questions for the Australian Security and Investments Commission followed by the Productivity Commission, the Superannuation Complaints Tribunal, the Commonwealth Grants Commission and the Australian Bureau of Statistics. I would ask photographers and cameramen to follow the established media guidelines and the instructions of the committee secretariat. Please ensure that senators and witnesses' laptops and personal papers are not filmed.