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STANDING COMMITTEE ON FAMILY AND HUMAN SERVICES - 10/10/2005 - Adoption of children from overseas
House of Representatives committee
Monday, 10 October 2005
Adoption of children from overseas

CHAIR (Mrs Bronwyn Bishop) —The inquiry of the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Family and Human Services into the adoption of children from overseas has attracted considerable national attention. We have received over 240 submissions to date, the vast majority from parents and couples who wish to grow their families and help orphaned or abandoned children from overseas. The committee has already taken evidence in several states and has visited an adoptions unit while moving around the country; it expects to continue this evidence-gathering process in the immediate future. This public hearing allows the committee to meet with state and federal government representatives involved in intercountry adoptions.

Today we welcome the Victorian government and the federal Attorney-General’s Department. Copies of their submissions and others are available on the committee’s web site. This hearing is open to the public and a transcript of what is said will be made available via the committee’s web site.

[9.14 am]