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JOINT STANDING COMMITTEE ON MIGRATION - 25/11/2009 - Migration treatment of disability
Joint committee
Wednesday, 25 November 2009
Migration treatment of disability

CHAIR (Mr Danby) —I declare open this public hearing of the Joint Standing Committee on Migration and its inquiry into the migration treatment of disability in Australia. Today is the committee’s third hearing of the inquiry, and I welcome officers from the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs. The committee notes figures released last week by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, which showed that around 2.3 million Australians will have a high level of disability by 2030, roughly the equivalent of the entire population of Western Australia in 2009. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare also expects the demand for specialist disability services will, in real terms, grow by around seven per cent a year. This would indicate a doubling of costs by 2020. In the light of these figures and the very interesting issue that the committee is considering in this inquiry, we look forward to hearing from the department and its outlook on disability services in the future.

Although the committee does not require witnesses to give evidence under oath, I remind people that this hearing is a legal proceeding of the parliament and warrants the same respect as proceedings of the House itself.

[12.16 pm]