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The following documents were presented:

Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade—Joint Standing Committee—A world without the death penalty: Australia’s advocacy for the abolition of the death penalty—Government response, March 2017.

Migration Act 1958 —Section 486O—Assessment of detention arrangements—

Personal identifier 000510-O, 1000023-O, 1000151-O, 1000858-O, 1000875-O, 1000880-O, 1000885-O, 1001113-O, 1001212-O, 1001237-O, 1001263-O, 1001302-O, 1001352-O1, 1001500-O, 1001501-O, 1001513-O, 1001517-O, 1001611-O, 1001783-O, 1001808-O, 1001818-O, 1001835-O, 1001953-O, 1001960-O, 1001972-O1, 1002068-O, 1002112-O, 1002131-O, 1002158-O, 1002176-O, 1002274-O, 1002286, 1002308-O, 1002311-O, 1002312-O, 1002316-O, 1002331-O, 1002335-O, 1002344-O, 1002346-O, 1002357-O, 1002360-O, 1002363-O, 1002374-O, 1002398-O, 1002438-O, 1003368, 1003445, 1003466, 1003507—

Commonwealth and Immigration Ombudsman’s reports—Report No. 3 of 2017.

Government response to Ombudsman’s reports.

Personal identifier 1000109-O, 1000765-O, 1001068-O, 1001080-O, 1001173-O, 001547-O, 1001850-O, 1001881-O, 1001936-O, 1001943-O, 1001965-O, 1002123-O, 1002375, 1002405-O, 1002521-O, 1002532-O—

Commonwealth and Immigration Ombudsman’s reports—Report No. 5 of 2017.

Government response to Ombudsman’s reports.

Personal identifier 1000675-O, 1000758-O, 1000846-O, 1000897-O, 1001029-O, 1001032-O, 1001037-O, 1001041-O, 1001131-O, 1001264-O, 1001271-O, 1001292-O, 1001305-O, 1001332-O, 1001379-O, 1001645-O, 1001646-O, 1001659-O, 1001697-O, 1001710-O, 1001728-O, 1001805-O, 1001829-O, 1001830-O, 1001832-O, 1001834-O, 1001842-O, 1001847-O, 1001856-O, 1001857-O, 1001864-O, 1001906-O, 1001917-O, 1001978-O, 1002015-O, 1002108-O, 1002132-O, 1002135-O, 1002136-O, 1002149-O, 1002157-O, 1002163-O, 1002166-O, 1002196-O, 1002276-O, 1002284-01, 1002313-O, 1002315-O, 1002318-O, 1002324-O, 1002325-O, 1002326-O, 1002336-O, 1002361-O, 1002362-O, 1002365-O, 1002368-O, 1002370-O, 1002372-O, 1002375-O, 1002376-O, 1002377-O, 1002378-O, 1002381-O, 1002383-O, 1002387-O, 1002396-O, 1002519-O, 1002523-O, 1002524-O, 1002525-O, 1002678, 1003388, 1003479, 1003499, 1003506—

Commonwealth and Immigration Ombudsman’s reports—Report No. 4 of 2017.

Government response to Ombudsman’s reports.

National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013 —COAG response to the independent review of the Act.

Telecommunications Act 1997 —Funding of consumer representation grants program to telecommunications—Report for 2015-16.

Treaties—Joint Standing Committee—Report 167: Nuclear Cooperation-Ukraine; Extradition-China—Government response, March 2017.