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The following documents were deemed to have been presented on 27 June 2013:

Carbon Credits (Carbon Farming Initiative) Act—Methodology determination—2013 Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through early dry season savanna burning—1.1 [F2013L01165].

Civil Aviation Act—

Civil Aviation Regulations—Civil Aviation Order—2013—100.26—Repeal [F2013L01160].

Civil Aviation Safety Regulations—Exemption—2013 No. CASA EX67 [F2013L01163].

Clean Energy Act—Determination—Reference price method—2013 [F2013L01167].

Defence Act—Determinations under section 58B—2013 Nos 30, 31, 32.

Fair Work Act—Endorsement—2013 State declarations—Employer not to be national system employer (No. 1) [F2013L01161].

Health Insurance Act—Determination under section 3C—Diabetes testing in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander primary health care sites—2013 Amendment (No. 1) [F2013L01158].

Higher Education Support Act—Guidelines—Student services, amenities, representation and advocacy—2013 Amendment (No. 1) [F2013L01164].

Lands Acquisition Act—Statement under section 125—June 2013.

Legislative Instruments Act—Regulations—Select Legislative Instrument—2013 No. 49 [F2013L00604]—Revised explanatory statement.

Migration Act—

Determination under section 85—Granting of parent and other family visas in 2013/2014 financial year, No. IMMI 13/071 [F2013L01168].

Directions under section 499—2013 Nos 56, 57.

Social Security Act—


Exempt lump sum (Defence Abuse Reparation Scheme)—DEEWR [F2013L01169].

Special disability trust—Discretionary spending—DEEWR (No. 1) [F2013L01159].

Specification—2013 Exemptions from non-payment and waiting periods—Activities—DEEWR (No. 1) [F2013L01162].

Social Security (Administration) Act—Specification—2013 Relocation assistance—DEEWR (No. 1) [F2013L01166].