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Mr Georganas, addressing himself to the Clerk, proposed to the House for its Speaker Mr Jenkins, and moved—That he do take the Chair of this House as Speaker, which motion was seconded by Ms Bird.

Mr Jenkins informed the House that he accepted nomination.

There being no further proposal Mr Jenkins was thereupon declared elected as Speaker, and Mr Georganas and Ms Bird conducted him to the Chair.

Mr Jenkins returned his acknowledgments to the House for the honour it had been pleased to confer upon him by choosing him to be its Speaker, and thereupon sat down in the Chair.

Then the Mace, which before lay under the Table, was laid upon the Table.

Ms Gillard (Prime Minister), Mr Abbott (Leader of the Opposition), Mr Truss (Leader of the Nationals), Mr Albanese (Leader of the House), Mr Pyne and Mr Oakeshott congratulated the Speaker, who expressed his thanks.