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The following documents were deemed to have been presented on 12 August 2009:

Charter of the United Nations Act—Declaration—2009—UN Sanction Enforcement Law—Amendment (No. 3) [F2009L03099].

Civil Aviation Act—

Civil Aviation Regulations—Exemption—2009—No. CASA EX60 [F2009L03017].

Civil Aviation Safety Regulations—Airworthiness Directives under—

Part 39-105—


No. 20—Cancellation [F2009L03051].

No. 21—Cancellation [F2009L03050].

No. 33—Cancellation [F2009L03045].


No. 6—Cancellation [F2009L03044].

No. 8—Cancellation [F2009L03043].

No. 17—Cancellation [F2009L03042].

No. 22—Cancellation [F2009L03041].

No. 28—Cancellation [F2009L03040].

AD/F406—No. 18 [F2009L03039].

AD/FA-200—No. 27 [F2009L03038].


No. 2—Cancellation [F2009L03037].

No. 3—Cancellation [F2009L03036].

No. 6—Cancellation [F2009L03035].

AD/JBK 117—No. 32 [F2009L03129].


No. 2—Cancellation [F2009L03034].

No. 4—Cancellation [F2009L03033].

No. 5—Cancellation [F2009L03092].

No. 6—Amendment (No. 1)—Cancellation [F2009L03032].

No. 7—Amendment (No. 1)—Cancellation [F2009L03091].

No. 10—Cancellation [F2009L03090].


No. 3—Cancellation [F2009L03028].

No. 4—Cancellation [F2009L03027].

No. 7—Cancellation [F2009L03081].

No. 8—Cancellation [F2009L03026].

AD/MSR—No. 29—Cancellation [F2009L03025].

AD/PA-23—No. 93 [F2009L03024].

AD/PA-31—No. 131 [F2009L03023].

AD/PA-42—No. 26 [F2009L03022].

AD/PZL—No. 2—Cancellation [F2009L03021].

AD/WILGA—No. 5 [F2009L03019].

AD/WINJEEL—No. 1—Amendment (No. 1)—Cancellation [F2009L03018].

Part 39-106—


No. 2—Cancellation [F2009L03089].

No. 3—Cancellation [F2009L03088].

AD/LYC—No. 87—Cancellation [F2009L03087].

Corporations Act—ASIC Class Orders—2009—No. 626 [F2009L03131].

Customs Act—Orders—Tariff Concession—2009—Nos 0902630, 0903182, 0903183, 0903185, 0903333, 0903763, 0903764, 0904232, 0905015, 0905484, 0905485, 0905486 [F2009L02887], [F2009L02879], [F2009L02880], [F2009L02878], [F2009L02894], [F2009L02896], [F2009L02901], [F2009L02895], [F2009L02931], [F2009L02888], [F2009L02889], [F2009L02892].

Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act—Instrument under section 303EC—2009—4 August [F2009L03132].

Financial Management and Accountability Act—Determination—Varying and abolishing a special account—2009—No. 23 [F2009L03141].

Parliament Act—Parliamentary Zone—Proposal, together with supporting documentation, for Parliament House—External closed circuit television camera locations.

Remuneration Tribunal Act—Remuneration Tribunal—Determinations—2009—Nos 9, 10, 11 [F2009L03118], [F2009L03116], [F2009L03117].

Therapeutic Goods Act—

Exemption—2009—Emergency—No. 6.

Standard—Poisons—2009—Amendment (No. 2) [F2009L03013].