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The following documents were deemed to have been presented on 11 August 2009:

A New Tax System (Commonwealth-State Financial Arrangements) Act—Determinations—2009—

Final per capita relativities for 2008-09 [F2009L02949].

Guaranteed minimum amount for 2008-09 [F2009L02950].

A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act—Determination—2009—Exempt taxes, fees and charges (No. 2) [F2009L02436].

Aged Care Act—Principles under section 96-1—2009—Extra service—Amendment (No. 2) [F2009L02689].

Airports Act—Regulations—Select Legislative Instrument—2009—No. 145 [F2009L02464].

Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act—Rules—2009—Amendment (No. 3) [F2009L02693].

Appropriation Act (No. 1) 2004-2005 , Appropriation Act (No. 1) 2005-2006 , Appropriation Act (No. 1) 2006-2007 , and Appropriation Act (No. 1) 2007-2008 —Determination to reduce appropriations upon request for 2008-09—No. 34 [F2009L02559].

Appropriation Act (No. 1) 2004-2005 , Appropriation Act (No. 1) 2007-2008 and Appropriation Act (No. 3) 2007-2008 —Determination to reduce appropriations upon request for 2008-09—No. 36 [F2009L02604].

Appropriation Act (No. 1) 2008-2009

Advance to the Finance Minister—Determinations—2008-09—Nos 7, 8 [F2009L02534], [F2009L02600].

Determination to reduce appropriations upon request for 2008-09—Nos 29, 37 [F2009L02554], [F2009L02605].

Appropriation Act (No. 1) 2009-2010 —Determination under section 14—2009—Indigenous employment special account receipts for 2009-10 (No. 1) [F2009L02687].

Appropriation Act (No. 2) 2004-2005 —Determination to reduce appropriations upon request for 2008-09—No. 30 [F2009L02555].

Appropriation Act (No. 2) 2007-2008 —Determination to reduce appropriations upon request for 2008-09—No. 33 [F2009L02558].

Appropriation Act (No. 2) 2007-2008 and Appropriation Act (No. 4) 2007-2008 —Determination to reduce appropriations upon request for 2008-09—No. 38 [F2009L02606].

Appropriation Act (No. 2) 2008-2009

Advance to the Finance Minister—Determination—2008-09—No. 9 [F2009L02601].

Determinations to reduce appropriations upon request—2008-09—Nos 31, 39 [F2009L02556], [F2009L02607].

Appropriation Act (No. 3) 2003-2004 —Determination to reduce appropriations upon request for 2008-09—No. 35 [F2009L02560].

Appropriation Act (No. 3) 2006-2007 , Appropriation Act (No. 1) 2007-2008 and Appropriation Act (Drought and Equine Influenza Assistance) Act (No. 1) 2007-2008 —Determination to reduce appropriations upon request for 2008-09—No. 28 [F2009L02553].

Appropriation Act (No. 4) 2003-2004 —Determination to reduce appropriations upon request for 2008-09—No. 32 [F2009L02557].

Auditor-General Act—Australian National Audit Office (ANAO)—Auditing Standards—2009—25 June [F2009L02686].

Australian Communications and Media Authority Act—Determination—2009—Telecommunications (Charges) [F2009L02989].

Australian Energy Market Amendment (AEMO and Other Measures) Act—Proclamation under-subsection 2(1) fixing the day on which the National Electricity (South Australia) (National Electricity Law—Australian Energy Market Operator) Amendment Act 2009 of South Australia commences as the day on which items 7 to 11 and 13 of Schedule 1 to the Australian Energy Market Amendment (AEMO and Other Measures) Act 2009 commence [F2009L02489].

Australian Human Rights Commission Act, Defence Act, Federal Court of Australia Act, Federal Magistrates Act, Fisheries Management Act, Freedom of Information Act, Privacy Act, Public Service Act, Torres Strait Fisheries Act, and Workplace Relations Act—Regulations—Select Legislative Instrument—2009—No. 185 [F2009L02973].

Australian National University Act—

Orders—2009—Tuition fees [F2009L02990].


Examinations [F2009L02994].

Graduate coursework awards [F2009L02992].

Information infrastructure and services [F2009L02991].

Research awards [F2009L02993].

Undergraduate awards [F2009L02995].

Australian Prudential Regulation Authority Act—Determinations under—

paragraph 50 (1) (b)—2009—Commonwealth costs [F2009L02649].

section 57—2009—Confidentiality (Nos 10, 12) [F2009L03000], [F2009L03029].

Australian Research Council Act—

Determination—2009—No. 68.

Funding rules for funding commencing in 2008-09 or 2009-10—Special research initiatives—Variations—Nos 1, 2, 2 [F2009L02868], [F2009L02303], [F2009L02869].

Authorised Deposit-taking Institutions Supervisory Levy Imposition Act—Determination—2009—[F2009L02651].

Authorised Non-operating Holding Companies Supervisory Levy Imposition Act—Determination—2009—[F2009L02653].

Aviation Transport Security Act—Regulations—Select Legislative Instruments—2009—

No. 85 [F2009L01814]—Amended explanatory statement.

No. 172 [F2009L02635].

Broadcasting Services Act—Variation—2009—Licence area plans for Perth Radio [F2009L02997].

Building and Construction Industry Improvement Act—Regulations—Select Legislative Instrument—2009—No. 163 [F2009L02564].

Charter of the United Nations Act—Regulations—Select Legislative Instruments—2009—Nos 182, 193 [F2009L02712], [F2009L02941].

Christmas Island Act—Utilities and Services Ordinance—Determination—2009—Fees for water and sewerage services (No. 2) [F2009L02622].

Civil Aviation Act—

Civil Aviation Regulations—

Civil Aviation Orders—2009—Civil Aviation Order 20.16.3 Amendment (No. 1) [F2009L02713].

Directions—2009—Nos CASA 320, CASA 321, CASA 329, CASA 330 [F2009L02724], [F2009L02725], [F2009L02759], [F2009L02762].

Exemptions—2009—Nos CASA EX43, CASA EX50, CASA EX52, CASA EX54, CASA EX56, CASA EX57, CASA EX59 [F2009L02061], [F2009L02313], [F2009L02524], [F2009L02675], [F2009L02872], [F2009L02902], [F2009L02933].

Instruments—2009—Nos CASA 272, CASA 273, CASA 298, CASA 310 [F2009L02576], [F2009L02427], [F2009L02636], [F2009L01194].

Civil Aviation Safety Regulations—Airworthiness Directives under—

Part 39-105—

AD/A109—No. 63 [F2009L02648].


No. 31—Amendment (No. 4) [F2009L02846].

No. 61—Cancellation [F2009L02847].

AD/AMD 10—

No. 4—Amendment (No. 1)—Cancellation [F2009L02645].

No. 25—Amendment (No. 1)—Cancellation [F2009L02777].

AD/AMD 50—No. 47 [F2009L02778].

AD/AS 355—

No. 1—Amendment (No. 8) Cancellation [F2009L02848].

No. 14—Amendment (No. 1) Cancellation [F2009L02858].

No. 15—Amendment (No. 1) Cancellation [F2009L02857].

No. 17—Cancellation [F2009L02856].

No. 18—Amendment (No. 1) [F2009L02855].

No. 22—Cancellation [F2009L02854]

No. 24—Amendment (No. 2) Cancellation [F2009L02853].

No. 26—Amendment (No. 1) Cancellation [F2009L02852].

No. 30—Cancellation [F2009L02851].

No. 31—Cancellation [F2009L02850].

No. 32—Cancellation [F2009L02849].

No. 35—Cancellation [F2009L02779].

No. 42—Cancellation [F2009L02859].

No. 46—Cancellation [F2009L02780].

AD/AT—No. 29—Amendment (No.1) [F2009L02830].

AD/AT 600—No. 4—Amendment (No. 3) [F2009L02860].

AD/AT 800—No. 9—Amendment (No. 3) [F2009L02861].

AD/ATR 42—No. 26 [F2009L02936].


No. 1—Cancellation [F2009L02837].

No. 2—Cancellation [F2009L02836].

No. 4—Cancellation [F2009L02835].

No. 7—Cancellation [F2009L02834].

No. 8—Cancellation [F2009L02833].

No. 10—Cancellation [F2009L02832].


No. 278—Amendment (No. 1) [F2009L03054].

No. 332—Amendment (No.1) [F2009L02831].

Nos 357, 358 [F2009L02783], [F2009L02784].


No. 131—Amendment (No.1) [F2009L02865].

No. 168—Amendment (No.3) [F2009L02838].

No. 212—Amendment (No.1) [F2009L02785].

No. 314—Amendment (No.2) [F2009L02839].

No. 394 [F2009L02681].

AD/BEA 109—No. 2—Cancellation [F2009L02765].

AD/BEECH 36—No. 53 [F2009L02909].

AD/BELL 47—No. 103—[F2009L02584].

AD/BELL 206—No. 81—Cancellation [F2009L02843].

AD/BELL 222—

No. 3—Cancellation [F2009L02842].

No. 5—Cancellation [F2009L02841].

No. 7—Cancellation [F2009L02840].

No. 8—Amendment (No. 1)—Cancellation [F2009L02766].

No. 11—Cancellation [F2009L02767].

AD/BO 105—

No. 4—Cancellation [F2009L02844].

No. 10—Cancellation [F2009L02768].

No. 11—Amendment (No. 1)—Cancellation [F2009L02845].

No. 13—Cancellation [F2009L02817].


No. 1—Cancellation [F2009L02816].

No. 2—Amendment (No. 1)—Cancellation [F2009L02815].

AD/CESSNA 150—No. 10—Amendment (No. 3) [F2009L02814].

AD/CESSNA 170—No. 13—Amendment (No. 3) [F2009L02813].

AD/CESSNA 180—No. 14—Amendment (No. 3) [F2009L02812].

AD/CESSNA 185—No. 1—Amendment (No. 3) [F2009L02811].

AD/CESSNA 205—No. 3—Amendment (No. 2) [F2009L02810].

AD/CESSNA 208—No. 26 [F2009L02908].

AD/CESSNA 210—No. 4—Amendment (No. 3) [F2009L02809].


No. 86—Cancellation [F2009L02769].

Nos 111, 112, 113, 114, 115 [F2009L02771], [F2009L02772], [F2009L02818], [F2009L02773], [F2009L02774].

AD/DH 82—No. 16 [F2009L02819].

AD/DHC-8—No. 149 [F2009L02862].


No. 2—Cancellation [F2009L02821].

No. 3—Cancellation [F2009L02820].

No. 10—Cancellation [F2009L02776].


No. 5—Cancellation [F2009L02822].

No. 20—Cancellation [F2009L02755].

No. 30—Amendment (No.3) [F2009L02801].

No. 34—Cancellation [F2009L02829].

No. 35—Cancellation [F2009L02828].

No. 36—Amendment (No. 2)—Cancellation [F2009L02825].

No. 37—Amendment (No. 1)—Cancellation [F2009L02824].

No. 39—Cancellation [F2009L02823].

No. 41—Cancellation [F2009L02756].

No. 42—Amendment (No. 1)—Cancellation [F2009L02803].

No. 49—Cancellation [F2009L02802].

No. 54—Cancellation [F2009L02757].

No. 84—Cancellation [F2009L02764].

AD/EXTRA—No. 10 [F2009L02967].

AD/F100—No. 91—Amendment (No. 1) [F2009L02661].

AD/FA-200—No. 26 [F2009L02804].


No. 2—Amendment (No. 1) [F2009L02747].

No. 6—Cancellation [F2009L02746].

No. 7—Amendment (No. 2)—Cancellation [F2009L02745].

No. 10—Cancellation [F2009L02805].

No. 11—Cancellation [F2009L02750].

No. 12—Cancellation [F2009L02751].

No. 13—Cancellation [F2009L02807].

No. 16—Amendment (No. 1)—Cancellation [F2009L02806].

AD/GBK 117—No. 25—Amendment (No. 1) [F2009L02907].


No. 4—Amendment (No. 4) [F2009L02808].

No. 82—Amendment (No. 2) [F2009L02786]

AD/LJ45—No. 13 [F2009L02866].

AD/MU-2—No. 73 [F2009L02789].

AD/PA-28—No. 40—Amendment (No. 2) [F2009L02788].

AD/PA-32—No. 27—Amendment (No. 3) [F2009L02787].

AD/ROBIN—No. 3—Cancellation [F2009L02334].


No. 22—Cancellation [F2009L02338].

No. 37—Cancellation [F2009L02339].

No. 38—Cancellation [F2009L02340].

No. 43—Cancellation [F2009L02341].

No. 46—Cancellation [F2009L02342].

No. 47—Cancellation [F2009L02343].

No. 48—Cancellation [F2009L02344].

No. 52—Cancellation [F2009L02345].


No. 6—Amendment (No. 1)—Cancellation [F2009L02732].

No. 66—Amendment (No. 2) [F2009L03004].

No. 86 [F2009L03003].


No. 1—Cancellation [F2009L02731].

No. 2—Cancellation [F2009L02795].

No. 3—Cancellation [F2009L02793].

No. 5—Cancellation [F2009L02792].

No. 6—Cancellation [F2009L02791].

No. 12—Cancellation [F2009L02790].

No. 15—Cancellation [F2009L02734].

No. 17—Cancellation [F2009L02798].

AD/SONERAI—No. 1—Amendment (No. 1)—Cancellation [F2009L02797].


No. 37—Cancellation [F2009L02796].

No. 45—Cancellation [F2009L02735].

No. 84—Amendment (No. 1) [F2009L02864].

No. 97 [F2009L02736].

AD/TB10—No. 1—Amendment (No. 4)—Cancellation [F2009L02800].

AD/TB20—No. 29—Cancellation [F2009L02799].

Part 39-106—

AD/ASTAZOU—No. 5—Cancellation [F2009L02781].

AD/ATF3—No. 3—Cancellation [F2009L02782].

AD/CF6—No. 77 [F2009L02682].

AD/CFM56—No. 32 [F2009L02968].

AD/CJ610—No. 6—Cancellation [F2009L02770].

AD/CON—No. 45—Amendment (No. 3)—Cancellation [F2009L02353].

AD/CT7—No. 3—Cancellation [F2009L02775].


No. 1—Cancellation [F2009L02754].

No. 2—Cancellation [F2009L02753].

No. 4—Cancellation [F2009L02749].

No. 5—Cancellation [F2009L02748].


No. 8—Cancellation [F2009L02322].

No. 12—Cancellation [F2009L02323].

No. 13—Cancellation [F2009L02324].

No. 14—Cancellation [F2009L02325].

No. 15—Cancellation [F2009L02326].

No. 21—Cancellation [F2009L02327].

AD/PT6T—No. 6—Cancellation [F2009L02331].


No. 32—Amendment (No. 2)—Cancellation [F2009L02733].

Nos 40, 41 [F2009L02332], [F2009L02333].


No. 1—Cancellation [F2009L02335].

No. 2—Cancellation [F2009L02336].

No. 3—Cancellation [F2009L02337].


No. 2—Cancellation [F2009L02744].

No. 4—Cancellation [F2009L02743].

No. 5—Cancellation [F2009L02742].

No. 7—Cancellation [F2009L02741].

No. 8—Cancellation [F2009L02740].

No. 10—Cancellation [F2009L02739].

No. 12—Cancellation [F2009L02738].

No. 16—Cancellation [F2009L02737].

Part 39-107—

AD/PHS—No. 25 [F2009L02646].

AD/PHZL—No. 92 [F2009L02663].

AD/SUPP—No. 22—Amendment (No. 1) [F2009L02763].

Exemptions—2009—Nos CASA EX51, CASA EX58 [F2009L02314], [F2009L02932].

Regulations—Select Legislative Instruments—2009—Nos 146, 147 [F2009L02509], [F2009L02511].

Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) Act—Regulations—Select Legislative Instruments—2009—Nos 122, 123 [F2009L02470], [F2009L02486].

Cocos (Keeling) Islands Act—Utilities and Services Ordinance—Determination—2009—Fees for water and sewerage services (No. 3) [F2009L02621].

Commonwealth Authorities and Companies Act—

Notice under section 45—Disposal by the Commonwealth of shares in Prime Financial Group Limited.

Regulations—Select Legislative Instrument—2009—No. 192 [F2009L02981].

Commonwealth Services Delivery Agency Act—Regulations—Select Legislative Instrument—2009—No. 196 [F2009L02999].

Corporations Act—

Accounting standards—2009—

Amendments—AASB 6, AASB 7 [F2009L02729], [F2009L02730].

Standards—AASB 1 [F2009L02508].

ASIC Class Orders—2009—Nos 210, 437, 532 [F2009L02718], [F2009L02695], [F2009L02723].

Regulations—Select Legislative Instruments—2009—Nos 175, 198 [F2009L02719], [F2009L02988].

Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act—Determination—Exemption from reporting requirements—Nos 1, 2 [F2009L02631], [F2009L02632].

Criminal Code Act—Regulations—Select Legislative Instruments—2009—Nos 124, 125, 126, 127, 176 [F2009L02476], [F2009L02471], [F2009L02477], [F2009L02478], [F2009L02684].

Currency Act—Determinations—2009—Royal Australian Mint—Nos 3, 4, 5 [F2009L02538], [F2009L02540], [F2009L02826].

Customs Act—

CEO Determinations—2009—No. 1 [F2009L02593].

Instruments of approval—2009—No. CEO 1 [F2009L02948].

Orders—Tariff Concession—2009—Nos 0902070, 0902078, 0902634, 0902682, 0902744, 0902827, 0902883, 0902885, 0903026, 0903050, 0903181, 0903186, 0903369, 0903558, 0903559, 0903616, 0903692, 0903707, 0903767, 0903794, 0903883, 0903884, 0904050, 0904148, 0904149, 0904187, 0904229, 0904324, 0904682, 0904719, 0904720, 0904839, 0904876, 0905024, 0905031 [F2009L02886], [F2009L02497], [F2009L02890], [F2009L02883], [F2009L02495], [F2009L02496], [F2009L02884], [F2009L02885], [F2009L02874], [F2009L02882], [F2009L02881], [F2009L02876], [F2009L02875], [F2009L02917], [F2009L02913], [F2009L02919], [F2009L02899], [F2009L02921], [F2009L02904], [F2009L02929], [F2009L02905], [F2009L02906], [F2009L02916], [F2009L02925], [F2009L02915], [F2009L02914], [F2009L02900], [F2009L02928], [F2009L02923], [F2009L02924], [F2009L02930], [F2009L02927], [F2009L02922], [F2009L02926], [F2009L02920].

Regulations—Select Legislative Instruments—2009—Nos 170, 183, 186, 187, 188 [F2009L02637], [F2009L02696], [F2009L02947], [F2009L02946], [F2009L02945].

Dairy Produce Act—Scheme—Supplementary Dairy Assistance Variation—2001—No. 8 [F2009L02527].

Defence Act—Determinations under Section 58B—2009—Nos 41, 42, 43, 44, 45.

Defence Home Ownership Assistance Scheme Act—Determination—2009—Average house price and median interest rate—Amendment (No. 1) [F2009L02561].

Do Not Call Register Act—Determination under section 21—2009—Access fees—Amendment (No. 1) [F2009L02619].

Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act—

Instruments under—

section 184—2009—

17 June [F2009L02541].

18 June [2] [F2009L02525], [F2009L02526].

section 303DC—2009—

25 June [5] [F2009L02625], [F2009L02626], [F2009L02664], [F2009L02667], [F2009L02669].

15 July [2] [F2009L02911], [F2009L02912].

24 July [F2009L02971].

section 303EC—2009—18 June [F2009L02577].

Threat abatement plans—2009—

Impact of marine debris on Vertebrate marine life [F2009L02532].

Predation by exotic rats [F2009L02536].

Excise Act—


No. 75—Amendment (No. 2) [F2009L03011].

No. 114—Amendment (No. 1) [F2009L03010].

Determination—2009—Excise (Volume of fuels—Temperature correction) (No. 1) [F2009L02547].

Export Market Development Grants Act—Determinations—2009—Nos 1, 3.

Fair Work Act—

Declaration under section 388—2009—24 June [F2009L02570].

Direction under section 704—2009—Direction to inspectors—1 July [F2009L02679].

Regulations—Select Legislative Instrument—2009—No. 164 [F2009L02567].

Fair Work Act 2009 —Proclamation under subsection 2 (1) fixing 1 July 2009 as the day on which sections 41 to 43, 50 to 54, 58, 169 to 281A, 300 to 327, 332, 333, 334 to 572, 719 to 740 and 769 to 800 of the Act commence; and fixing 1 January 2010 as the day on which sections 44 to 49, 55 to 57A, 59 to 168, 282 to 299, 328 to 331, 333A and 741 to 768 of the Act commence [F2009L02563].

Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act—Regulations—Select Legislative Instrument—2009—No 168 [F2009L02569].

Fair Work (State Referral and Consequential and Other Amendments) Act—Regulations—Select Legislative Instrument—2009—No. 165 [F2009L02568].

Fair Work (Transitional Provisions and Consequential Amendments) Act—Regulations—Select Legislative Instrument—2009—No. 166 [F2009L02566].

Federal Court of Australia Act—

Regulations—Select Legislative Instruments—2009—Nos 128, 189 [F2009L02474], [F2009L02974].

Rules of Court—Select Legislative Instruments—2009—Nos 161, 162 [F2009L02579], [F2009L02578].

Federal Financial Relations Act—Determinations—

under section 9—2009—General purpose financial assistance—Nos 2, 3, 4 [F2009L02672], [F2009L02674], [F2009L03053].

under section 16—2009—National partnership payments—Nos 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 [F2009L02677], [F2009L02671], [F2009L02673], [F2009L02938], [F2009L02939].

Federal Magistrates Act—

Regulations—Select Legislative Instruments—2009—Nos 129, 190 [F2009L02475], [F2009L02976].

Rules of Court—Select Legislative Instrument—2009—No. 160 [F2009L02510].

Financial Management and Accountability Act—


Abolishing special accounts—2009—No. 24 [F2009L02978].

Establishing a special account—2009—No. 25 [F2009L02979].

Transfer of functions from Health to AOTDTA—2009—No. 10 [F2009L03002].

Financial Management and Accountability Regulations—Guidelines—Commonwealth grant guidelines—Policies and principles for grants administration [F2009L02616].

Orders—2009—Financial Management and Accountability Amendment [F2009L02688].

Regulations—Select Legislative Instruments—2009—Nos 134, 135 [F2009L02519], [F2009L02490].

Financial Sector (Collection of Data) Act—Determination of reporting standards under section 13—2009—Nos 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 [F2009L02951], [F2009L02952], [F2009L02953], [F2009L02954], [F2009L02955], [F2009L02956], [F2009L02957], [F2009L02958], [F2009L02959], [F2009L02960], [F2009L02961], [F2009L02962], [F2009L02963], [F2009L02980].

First Home Saver Account Providers Supervisory Levy Imposition Act—Determination—2009—[F2009L02654].

Fisheries Management Act—

Macquarie Island Toothfish Fishery Management Plan 2006—

Amendment—2009—No. 1 [F2009L02721].

Determination—Total allowable catch—2009/2010 season [F2009L02641].

Temporary Order—2009—No. 1 [F2009L02644].

Northern Prawn Fishery Management Plan 1995—Directions—2009—Nos NPF 127, NPF 128, NPF 129, [F2009L02665], [F2009L02666], [F2009L02668].

Regulations—Select Legislative Instrument—2009—No. 120 [F2009L02431].

Southern and Eastern Scalefish and Shark Fishery Management Plan 2003—Amendment—2009—No. 1 [F2009L02937].

Food Standards Australia New Zealand Act—Variations to the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code—2009—Amendment (No. 110) [F2009L02678].

Fuel Tax Act—Determination—2009—Road user charge (No. 1) [F2009L02499].

General Insurance Supervisory Levy Imposition Act—Determination—2009 [F2009L02655].

Health Insurance Act—

Determination—2009—Diagnostic imaging accreditation—Approved accreditors [F2009L02407].

Determinations under section 3C—2009—

Endoscopic and endobronchial ultrasound for sampling and diagnosis of lung cancer [F2009L02507].

Gippsland and South Eastern New South Wales mobile MRI trial (No. 3) [F2009L02562].

Regulations—Select Legislative Instruments—2009—Nos 136, 137, 138 [F2009L02306], [F2009L02017], [F2009L01719].

Heard Island and McDonald Islands Act—Ordinance—2009—No. 2 [F2009L02987].

Higher Education Support Act—

Funding agreement under section 30-25—Holmesglen Institute of TAFE—2009, 2010 and 2011—27 May 2009.


Other Grants (Education) 2008 (DEEWR)—2009—Amendment (No. 2) [F2009L02602].

VET FEE-HELP—2009—Amendment (No. 1) [F2009L02594].

VET provider—2009—Amendment (No.1) [F2009L02599].

VET provider—Notices of approval—2009—Nos 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33 [F2009L02583], [F2009L02591], [F2009L02592], [F2009L02581], [F2009L02656], [F2009L02582], [F2009L02585], [F2009L02586], [F2009L02587], [F2009L02588], [F2009L02589], [F2009L02590], [F2009L02657], [F2009L02658], [F2009L02659], [F2009L02660], [F2009L02728], [F2009L02903].

Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission Act—Declaration—2009—Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities [F2009L02620].

Income Tax Assessment Act—Regulations—Select Legislative Instruments—2009—Nos 156, 177 [F2009L02405], [F2009L02714].

Industrial Chemicals (Notification and Assessment) Act—Regulations—Select Legislative Instrument—2009—No. 139 [F2009L01720].

Jervis Bay Territory Acceptance Act—Administration Ordinance 1990—Determination of fees for electricity supply—2009 [F2009L02647].

Life Insurance Supervisory Levy Imposition Act—Determination—2009 [F2009L02670].

Maternity Leave (Commonwealth Employees) Act—Regulations—Select Legislative Instrument—2009—No. 167 [F2009L02565].

Medicare Australia Act—Regulations—Select Legislative Instrument—2009—No. 197 [F2009L02998].

Migration Act—

Directions under section 499—

2003—No. 32—Revocation, No. IMMI 09/076 [F2009L02966].

2009—Nos 43, 44.

Migration Agents Regulations—Migration Agents (Continuing Professional Development) Notices—2009—

Attendance at a seminar, workshop, conference or lecture, No. MN26-09c [F2009L02515].

Miscellaneous activities, No. MN26-09f [F2009L02516].

Private study of audio, video or written material, No. MN26-09b [F2009L02513].

Pro bono activities, No. MN26-09g [F2009L02517].

Migration Regulations—


Arrangements for work and holiday visa applicants from Thailand, Iran, Chile, Turkey, United States of America, Malaysia and Indonesia, No. IMMI 09/065 [F2009L02484].

Bridging (General) Visa—Satisfaction of criteria by certain applicants—Nos IMMI 09/070, IMMI 09/079 [F2009L02551], [F2009L02552].

Bridging Visa A—Certain applicants exempt from condition 8101, No. IMMI 09/068 [F2009L02548].

Bridging Visa C—Satisfaction of criteria by certain applicants, No. IMMI 09/069 [F2009L02550].

Class of persons, No. IMMI 09/082 [F2009L02944].

Employer nomination scheme—Occupations, locations, salaries, and relevant assessing authorities, No. IMMI 09/066 [F2009L02482].

English language tests for general skilled migration, No. IMMI 09/073 [F2009L02575].

English language training arrangements, No. IMMI 09/078 [F2009L02546].

Exemptions to the English language requirement for the temporary business (long stay) visa, No. IMMI 09/067 [F2009L02465].

Health waiver—Participating States and Territories, No. IMMI 09/074 [F2009L02506].

States and Territories with English language training arrangements, No. IMMI 09/072 [F2009L02537].

Travel agents for PRC citizens applying for tourist visas, No. IMMI 09/085 [F2009L03031].

Notice—2009—Minimum salary levels and occupations for the temporary business long stay visa, No. IMMI 09/048 [F2009L02150].

Regulations—Select Legislative Instrument—2009—No. 144 [F2009L02512].

Motor Vehicle Standards Act—Determinations—

2005—Vehicle standard (Australian design rule 13/00—Installation of lighting and light-signalling devices on other than L-group vehicles)—Amendment 3 [F2009L02867].


Vehicle standard—Australian design rule—

31/02—Brake systems for passenger cars [F2009L02533].

35/03—Commercial vehicle brake systems [F2009L02535].

61/02—Vehicle markings—Amendment (No. 1) [F2009L02863].

Nation Building Program (National Land Transport) Act—Instrument—2009—Variation of the nation building program roads to recovery List (No. 2) [F2009L02943].

Nation-building Funds Act—

Criteria—2009—Education investment fund (EIF) evaluation (No. 2) [F2009L03016].


Building Australia fund investment mandate [F2009L02897].

Education investment fund investment mandate [F2009L02898].

Health and hospitals fund investment mandate [F2009L02893].

Instrument—2009—Specification of higher education institutions, research institutions and vocational education and training providers (No. 2) [F2009L03014].

National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act—Determination—2009—Measurement (No.1) [F2009L02571].

National Health Act—

Amendment declaration and amendment determination under section 85—2009—No. PB 62 [F2009L02705].

Amendment determinations under—

section 84AAA—2009—No. PB 71 [F2009L02982].

section 84AF—2009—No. PB 64 [F2009L02707].

section 84AH—2009—No. PB 60 [F2009L02722].

section 84C—2009—No. 4 [F2009L02572].

sections 85, 85A and 88—2009—No. PB 63 [F2009L02706].

sections 85A and 88—2009—No. PB 67 [F2009L02716].

sections 85AB and 85AC—2009—No. PB 66 [F2009L02715].

section 85B—2009—No. PB 65 [F2009L02708].

section 98C—2009—No. PB 68 [F2009L02717].

Amendment special arrangements under section 100—2009—No. PB 69, PB 70, PB 72, PB 73, [F2009L02870], [F2009L02871], [F2009L02969], [F2009L02827].

Determinations under section 99ADB—2009—No. PB 74 [F2009L03001].

Regulations—Select Legislative Instruments—2009—No. 194, 195 [F2009L02520], [F2009L02523].

Special arrangements under section 100—2009—Nos PB 56, PB 61 [F2009L02597], [F2009L02580].

National Health Security Act—Determination under section 35—2009—SSBA standards—Amendment (No. 1) [F2009L02633].

National Measurement Act—

National Measurement Guidelines—2009—Amendment (No. 1) [F2009L02942].

Regulations—Select Legislative Instrument—2009—No. 151 [F2009L02528].

National Rental Affordability Scheme Act—Regulations—Select Legislative Instrument—2009—No. 133 [F2009L02494].

National Transport Commission Act—Regulations—Select Legislative Instrument—2009—No. 148 [F2009L02498].

Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage Act—Regulations—Select Legislative Instrument—2009—No. 153 [F2009L02429].

Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage (Annual Fees) Act—Regulations—Select Legislative Instrument—2009—No. 154 [F2009L02432].

Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage (Registration Fees) Act—Regulations—Select Legislative Instrument—2009—No. 155 [F2009L02433].

Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Management Act—Regulations—Select Legislative Instrument—2009—No. 171 [F2009L02691].

Parliament Act—Parliamentary Zone—Proposal and site plans for Parliament Drive one way road upgrade.

Parliamentary Service Act—Determination—2009—Amendment (No. 1) [F2009L02761].

Patents Act, Trade Marks Act and Designs Act—Regulations—Select Legislative Instrument—2009—No. 150 [F2009L02472].

Privacy Act—Regulations—Select Legislative Instrument—2009—No. 173 [F2009L02692].

Private Health Insurance Act—Rules—2009—

Benefit requirements (No. 2) [F2009L02984].

Complying product—Amendment (No. 3) [F2009L02690].

Private health insurance (Registration)—No. 2 [F2009L02701].

Prostheses (No. 2) [F2009L02977].

Private Health Insurance (Council Administration Levy) Act—Rules—2009—Amendment (No. 1) 18 June [F2009L02514].

Public Service Act—Public Service Commissioner’s Directions—2009—Amendment (No. 2).

Quarantine Act—

Declaration 2009—Declared places—Yellow fever [F2009L02573].

Determination—2009—Quarantine service fees—Amendment (No. 2) [F2009L02996].

Proclamation—2009—Amendment—No. 3 [F2009L02444].

Regulations—Select Legislative Instrument—2009—No. 121 [F2009L02426].

Radiocommunications Act—Class licence variation notice—2009—Low interference potential devices (No. 1) [F2009L02617].

Remuneration Tribunal Act—Remuneration Tribunal—Determination—2009—No. 8 [F2009L02522].

Renewable Energy (Electricity) Act—Regulations—Select Legislative Instrument—2009—No. 131 [F2009L02502].

Retirement Savings Account Providers Supervisory Levy Imposition Act—Determination—2009 [F2009L02652].

Same-Sex Relationships (Equal Treatment in Commonwealth Laws—General Law Reform) Act—Regulations—Select Legislative Instrument—2009—No. 130 [F2009L02493].

Schools Assistance Act—Regulations—Select Legislative Instrument—2009—No. 132 [F2009L02456].

Social Security Act—


Class of visas—

Newly arrived resident’s waiting period for special benefit [F2009L02608].

Qualification for special benefit [F2009L02596].

Qualifying residence exemption [F2009L02595].

Disability care load assessment (Child) [F2009L02630].

Employment pathway plan requirements—

DEEWR Amendment (No. 1) [F2009L03067].

FaHCSIA (No. 1) [F2009L02628].

Treating health professionals [F2009L02629].

Specifications—2009—Satisfaction of the activity test (Classes of persons) FaHCSIA (No. 1) [F2009L02623].

Social Security Act and Social Security (Administration) Act—Determination—2009—Reasonable excuse (Participation payment obligations)—FaHCSIA (No. 1) [F2009L02627].

Social Security (Administration) Act—


Declared relevant Northern Territory areas—Various (No. 7) [F2009L02613].

Public interest certificate guidelines—DEEWR—Amendment (No. 1) [F2009L03008].

Specifications—2009—Ending unemployment non-payment periods (Classes of persons)—FaHCSIA (No. 1) [F2009L02624].

Student Assistance Act—Determination—2009—Public interest certificate guidelines—Amendment (No. 1) [F2009L03009].

Superannuation Act 1976

Declaration—2009—Superannuation (CSS) productivity contribution (2009-2010) [F2009L02639].

Regulations—Select Legislative Instrument—2009—No. 169 [F2009L02609].

Superannuation Act 1990


Superannuation (PSS) maximum benefits (2009-2010) [F2009L02643].

Superannuation (PSS) productivity contribution (2009-2010) [F2009L02640].

Public Sector Superannuation Scheme Trust Deed—Amending deed—33rd [F2009L02530].

Superannuation Act 2005 —Public Sector Superannuation Accumulation Plan Trust Deed—Amending deed—4th [F2009L02531].

Superannuation Guarantee (Administration) Act—Regulations—Select Legislative Instrument—2009—No. 157 [F2009L02539].

Superannuation (Productivity Benefit) Act—



Continuing contributions [F2009L02542].

First interest factor [F2009L02544].

Second interest factor [F2009L02545].

Determinations—2009—Penalty interest—Amendment (No. 1) [F2009L02549].

Superannuation Supervisory Levy Imposition Act—Determination—2009—[F2009L02650].

Sydney Harbour Federation Trust Act—Regulations—Select Legislative Instrument—2009—No. 191 [F2009L02985].

Taxation Administration Act—


1993—No. TD 82 (Withdrawal).

2005—No. TD 34 (Addendum).


LCTD—No. 1.

TD—Nos 13, 14, 15, 16, 17.

Instrument under section 15-15 of Schedule 1—2009—10 July [F2009L02794].

Regulations—Select Legislative Instrument—2009—No. 158 [F2009L02428].


1994—Nos SGR 4 (Withdrawal), SGR 5 (Withdrawal).

2000—GSTR—No. 28 (Addendum).

2001—TR—No. 6 (Withdrawal).

2003—GSTR—No. 6 (Addendum).

2004—WETR—No. 1 (Withdrawal).

2006—GSTR—Nos 2 (Addendum), No. 9 (Addendum).


FTR—No. 1 (Addendum).

TR—No. 4 (Withdrawal).


CR—Nos 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40.

GSTR—No. 4.


No. 5 (Addendum).

No. 14 (Erratum).

No. 16 (Addendum).

No. 17 (Withdrawal).

No. 29 (Withdrawal).

No. 42 (Withdrawal).

Nos 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48.

SGR—No. 2 (Addendum).

SMSFR—Nos 3, 4.

TR—No. 4.

WETR—Nos 1, 2.

Old series—IT—No. 227 (Withdrawal).

Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Act—

Declaration under section 34 of eligible authority as agency—2009—

Corruption and Crime Commission of Queensland—7 July [F2009L02704].

Queensland Police Service—7 July [F2009L02703].

Declaration under section 6N—2009—Staff members of Queensland Police Service (No. 2)—[F2009L02698].

Therapeutic Goods Act—

Determination under section 36—2009—Manufacturing principles (No. 1) [F2009L02970]

Exemption—2009—Emergency—No. 5.

Regulations—Select Legislative Instruments—2009—Nos 140, 141, 179, 180, 181 [F2009L01826], [F2009L02019], [F2009L02089], [F2009L02091], [F2009L02090].


Therapeutic Goods (Charges) Act—Regulations—Select Legislative Instrument—2009—No. 142 [F2009L02018].

Trade Practices Act—Regulations—Select Legislative Instruments—2009—Nos 152, 159, 178 [F2009L02457], [F2009L02501], [F2009L02697].

Transport Safety Investigation Act—Regulations—Select Legislative Instrument—2009—No. 149 [F2009L02504].

Water Act—Regulations—Select Legislative Instruments—2009—No. 174, 184 [F2009L02529], [F2009L02702].