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The following documents were deemed to have been presented on 15 June 2009:

Air Services Act—Notice of strategic direction under section 17—Statement of expectations for the board of Airservices Australia for the period 1 November 2008 to 30 June 2010 [F2009L02175].

Australian Film Television and Radio School Act—Determination—Degrees, diplomas and certificates—2009 No. 1 [F2009L02143].

Australian National University Act—

Order—2009 Academic and ceremonial dress [F2009L02166].


Academic progress [F2009L02163].

Honorary degrees [F2009L02164].

Australian Prudential Regulation Authority Act—Instrument fixing charges to be paid to APRA—2009 No. 3 [F2009L02311].

Banking Act—Banking (Foreign Exchange) Regulations—2009 Direction relating to foreign currency transactions and to the former Federal Republic of Yugoslavia—Amendment to the annex [F2009L02269].

Civil Aviation Act—

Civil Aviation Regulations—

Exemptions—2009 Nos CASA EX44, CASA EX45 [F2009L02076], [F2009L02083].

Instrument—2009 No. CASA 198 [F2009L01749].

Civil Aviation Safety Regulations—Airworthiness Directives under—

Part 39-105—

AD/AT-6—No. 2—Amendment (No. 1) [F2009L02172].

AD/BEA 206—

No. 5—Cancellation [F2009L02186].

No. 7—Cancellation [F2009L02187].

AD/CESSNA 150—No. 50 [F2009L02188].

AD/CL-600—Nos 109, 110 [F2009L02258], [F2009L02259].

AD/DH 60—No. 5—Amendment (No. 1)—Cancellation [F2009L02189].

AD/DH 82—No. 11—Amendment (No. 1)—Cancellation [F2009L02190].

AD/DH 83—No. 1—Cancellation [F2009L02191].

AD/DH 87—No. 2—Amendment (No. 1)—Cancellation [F2009L02193].

AD/DHC-8—No. 147 [F2009L02195].

AD/GBK 117—No. 25 [F2009L02307].

AD/JETSTREAM—No. 106 [F2009L02294].

Part 39-106—AD/ARRIEL—No. 34 [F2009L02170].

Commonwealth Authorities and Companies Act—Regulations—Select Legislative Instrument—2009 No. 100 [F2009L02154].

Corporations Act—

ASIC Class Order—2009 No. 422 [F2009L02160].

Regulations—Select Legislative Instrument—2009 No. 103 [F2009L02167].

Customs Act—


Tariff Concession—

2008 Nos 0804091, 0808291 [F2009L02145], [F2009L02169].

2009 Nos 0840472, 0840473, 0844017, 0844530, 0844533, 0845340, 0901177, 0901469, 0901573, 0901610, 0901913, 0902067, 0902073, 0902309, 0902311, 0902319, 0902345, 0902393, 0902423, 0902609, 0902629, 0902632, 0902648, 0902886 [F2009L01967], [F2009L02139], [F2009L02086], [F2009L01965], [F2009L01956], [F2009L02050], [F2009L01931], [F2009L02021], [F2009L02022], [F2009L01987], [F2009L02024], [F2009L02052], [F2009L02051], [F2009L02026], [F2009L02027], [F2009L02028], [F2009L02029], [F2009L02047], [F2009L02049], [F2009L02128], [F2009L02127], [F2009L02046], [F2009L02053], [F2009L02129].

Tariff Concession Revocation—2009 Nos 10, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 [F2009L01701], [F2009L01705], [F2009L01706], [F2009L01707], [F2009L01708], [F2009L01709].

Regulations—Select Legislative Instrument—2009 No. 91 [F2009L02120].

Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act—Instruments under section 184—2009—

22 May [F2009L02159].

26 May [F2009L02273].

Extradition Act—Regulations—Select Legislative Instruments—2009 Nos 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99 [F2009L02133], [F2009L02131], [F2009L02132], [F2009L02138], [F2009L02136], [F2009L02137], [F2009L02134], [F2009L02135].

Farm Household Support Act—Regulations—Select Legislative Instrument—2009 No. 89 [F2009L02111].

Financial Management and Accountability Act—Determinations—

Abolishing special accounts—2009 No. 16 [F2009L02105].

Establishing a special account—2009 No. 21 [F2009L02281].

Fisheries Management Act—Regulations—Select Legislative Instrument—2009 No. 90 [F2009L02123].

Foreign Acquisitions and Takeovers Act—Regulations—Select Legislative Instrument—2009 No. 104 [F2009L02155].

Higher Education Support Act—VET provider—Notice of approval—2009 No. 23 [F2009L02174].

Household Stimulus Package Act (No. 2)—Household Stimulus Payment (DAFF) Scheme—2009 [F2009L02114].

Industry Research and Development Act—Direction—2009 Innovation Investment Follow-on Fund Program (No. 1) [F2009L02265].

Migration Act—Directions under section 499—2009—

No. 21—Revocation, No. IMMI 09/047 [F2009L01779].

No. 41.

Nation-building Funds Act—


Building Australia fund general drawing rights limit [F2009L02109].

Education investment fund general drawing rights limit [F2009L02116].


Building Australia Fund (Credit of Telstra Sale Special Account Balance) [F2009L02301].

Building Australia Fund (Initial Credit) [F2009L02300].

Health and Hospitals Fund (Initial Credits) (No. 2) [F2009L02302].

National Environment Protection Council Act—National Environment Protection Measure—Diesel Vehicle Emissions—Variation (No. 1) [F2009L02125].

National Health Act—

Amendment declaration and amendment determination under section 85—2009 No. PB 47 [F2009L02287].

Amendment determinations under—

section 84AF—2009 No. PB 49 [F2009L02289].

sections 85, 85A and 88—2009 No. PB 48 [F2009L02288].

sections 85A and 88—2009 No. PB 52 [F2009L02292].

section 85AB—2009 No. PB 51 [F2009L02291].

section 85B—2009 No. PB 50 [F2009L02290].

section 98B—2009 No. 13 [F2009L02266].

section 98C—2009 No. PB 53 [F2009L02293].

Special arrangement under section 100—2009 No. PB 57 [F2009L02282].

Protection of the Sea (Civil Liability for Bunker Oil Pollution Damage) Act—Regulations—Select Legislative Instrument—2009 No. 101 [F2009L02140].

Protection of the Sea (Shipping Levy) Act—Regulations—Select Legislative Instrument—2009 No. 102 [F2009L02141].

Retirement Savings Accounts Act—Regulations—Select Legislative Instrument—2009 No. 105 [F2009L02157].

Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act—Notice—2009—Weekly interest on the lump sum (No. 1) [F2009L02161].

Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act—Regulations—Select Legislative Instrument—2009 No. 106 [F2009L02156].

Taxation Administration Act—

Determination—2009—TD No. 12.


CR Nos 28, 29, 30.

PR Nos 23 (Erratum), 24 (Erratum), 25 (Erratum), 26 (Erratum), 27 (Erratum), 39, 40, 41, 42.

Telecommunications (Consumer Protection and Service Standards) Act—Determination—2009 Telstra carrier charges—Price control arrangements, notification and disallowance (No. 1) 2005—Amendment (No. 1) [F2009L02173].

Therapeutic Goods Act—Exemptions—2009 Emergency (Nos 2, 3, 4) [F2009L02296], [F2009L02297], [F2009L02298].

Trade Practices Act—Regulations—Select Legislative Instrument—2009 No. 107 [F2009L02165].