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Ms Burney moved—That so much of the standing orders be suspended as would prevent the Member for Barton from moving the following motion forthwith—That the House:

(1)        notes:

(a)        the Government has released highly confidential personal information of Centrelink customers to the media as part of a vindictive political campaign to punish some of Australia’s most vulnerable people for speaking out against the Government’s robo-debt mess; and

(b)        there are serious questions about the legality of the Government’s actions and whether they constitute breaches of the Privacy Act;

(2)        calls on the Minister for Human Services to attend the House to provide a full account of the:

(a)        specific provision of the Privacy Act or any other legislation that the Government claims gives it the legal right to release this highly confidential personal information to the media; and

(b)        involvement of himself, his office, his Department and Centrelink in releasing this highly confidential personal information to the media; and

(3)        condemns the Minister for releasing the personal information of Australians for vindictive political purposes.

Debate ensued.

Member directed to leave

At 12.18 pm the Member for Griffith ( Ms T. M. Butler ) was directed, under standing order 94, to leave the Chamber for one hour for interjecting and she accordingly left the Chamber.

Debate continued.

The time allowed by standing order 1 for debate on the motion having expired—

Question—That the motion for the suspension of standing orders be agreed to—put.

A division having been called for, in accordance with standing order 133 the division was deferred until after the matter of public importance.