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The following documents were deemed to have been presented on 28 March 2018 (An explanatory statement has been presented with each instrument unless otherwise indicated by an asterisk):

Australian Border Force Act 2015 —Subsection 21(4)—Statement of Grounds of Termination of Appointment as Australian Border Force Commissioner.

Civil Aviation Act 1988 —Precision Runway Monitor Operations at Sydney Airport Direction 2018—CASA 24/18 [F2018L00412].

Defence Act 1903 —Woomera Prohibited Area Rule 2014—Woomera Prohibited Area Rule 2014 Determination of Exclusion Periods for Amber Zone 1 and Amber Zone 2 for Financial Year 2018—2019 [F2018L00415].

Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 —Amendment of List of Exempt Native Specimens—NSW Abalone, NSW Estuary General, NSW Estuary Prawn Trawl, NSW Lobster, NSW Ocean Hauling, NSW Ocean Trawl, QLD East Coast Spanish Mackerel, QLD Marine Aquarium Fish, QLD Sea Cucumber (East Coast) and QLD East Coast Otter Trawl Fisheries, March 2018—EPBC303/DC/SFS/2018/03 [F2018L00416].

Fisheries Management Act 1991 —Small Pelagic Fishery Management Plan 2009—Fisheries Management (Small Pelagic Fishery) Fishing Method Determination 2018 [F2018L00413].

International Air Services Commission Act 1992 —International Air Services Commission Policy Statement 2018 [F2018L00410].

Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013

Notices under section 72—

Commonwealth acquired shares in WSA Co Limited—21 March 2018 [2].

Commonwealth subscribed to shares in ANSTO Nuclear Medicine Pty Ltd (ANM).

Public Governance, Performance and Accountability (Financial Reporting) Amendment Rule 2018 [F2018L00414].

Therapeutic Goods Act 1989 —Therapeutic Goods (Authorised Supply of Specified Medical Devices) Rules March 2018 [F2018L00411].

Veterans’ Entitlements Act 1986 —Veterans’ Entitlements (Top Up of Pension Bonus in Specified Circumstances) Instrument 2018—2018 No. R3 [F2018L00417].