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Notice given 24 October 2012

*2394  Senator Whish-Wilson: To ask the Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry—

(1) What is the end- or renewal-date for the Small Pelagic Fishery (SPF) quota fishing season.


 (2) Notwithstanding limits on the operational capacity of fishing vessels, is a quota holder allowed to catch their full quota both immediately before the end of a fishing season and then immediately after the start of the next SPF fishing season.

(3) Are there any temporal controls on the SPF beyond the yearly fishing season.

(4) Has the Australian Fisheries Management Authority considered the impact of what amounts to twice the yearly SPF quota being fished in the same 12 month period (or less), in relation to the SPF Harvest Strategy or any other efforts; if so, can the results of that analysis, in detail, be provided.