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Notice given 9 May 2012

1831  Senator Johnston: To ask the Minister for Foreign Affairs—

(1) Have all Australian Government sanctions against Iran entered into force.

(2) Is the sanctions regime adopted by Australia fully consistent with the sanctions imposed by the: (a) United States of America (US); (b) United Kingdom (UK); and (c) European Union (EU); if not, what are the differences.

(3) Has the Australian Government implemented sanctions against the Central Bank of Iran; if so, are these sanctions as comprehensive as those enacted by the: (a) US; (b) UK; and (c) EU.


 1834  Senator Johnston: To ask the Minister for Foreign Affairs—

(1) How many staff currently work on issues related to climate change in the department, broken down by Australian Public Service (APS) and Senior Executive Service (SES) classification.

(2) What is the 2011-12 budget allocation for the Climate Change and Environment Section within the department.

(3) How many staff currently work in the United Nations Security Council task force, broken down by APS and SES classification.