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Notice given 29 May 2009

Senator Abetz: To ask the Ministers listed below (Question Nos 1610-1645)—

(1) Can a list be provided, by agency, of all infrastructure and/or capital works projects that fall under the responsibility of an agency within the Minister’s portfolio.

(2) For each of the projects in (1) above:

(a) when was it first announced, by whom, and by what method;

(b) if applicable, what program is it funded through;

(c) what is its total expected cost;

(d) what was its original budget;

(e) what is its current budget;

(f) what is the total Federal Government contribution to its cost;

(g) what is the total state government contribution to its cost;

(h) if applicable, what other funding sources are involved and what is their contribution to the project cost;

(i) what was the expected start date of construction;


 (j) what is the expected completion date;

(k) (i) who is responsible for delivering the project, and (ii) if a state government is responsible for delivering the project, when will the funding be released to the relevant state government;

(l) is the project to be completed in stages/phases; if so, what is the timing and cost of each stage/phase;

(m) why was the project funded; and

(n) what cost benefit or other modelling was done before the project was approved.

1621 Minister representing the Minister for Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs

1637 Minister representing the Minister for Housing

1638 Minister representing the Minister for the Status of Women