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Notice given 16 April 2008

416  Senator Milne: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Resources and Energy—Since the Australian Labor Party formed Government, has the Minister or the department made any statements or published any material indicating the year in which it is expected that the first commercial-scale power station will be operating with carbon capture and storage; if so: (a) when and where were the statements made or the material published; and (b) what was the year or years indicated.

420  Senator Milne: To ask the Minister for Climate Change and Water ( transferred to the Minister representing the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts on 24 April 2008 )—

(1) In relation to commitments the Government made in its election policy fact sheet, ‘A national energy efficiency goal’, what work has been undertaken to:

(a) ‘accelerate the development and implementation of a nationwide tool for reducing water and energy usage in new homes’;

(b) ‘accelerate the roll out of smart meters, and develop and implement national standards for these meters to ensure that compatible technologies are used across Australia’;

(c) ‘implement compulsory point-of-sale sustainability scorecards, based on a transparent and nationally consistent protocol for home energy and water efficiency ratings, and work with the housing and real estate industry to encourage point-of-lease scorecards on a voluntary basis’; and

(d) ‘establish a new ten-star appliance rating system and Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards to fast track smart efficient technology and work with industry and State and Territory Governments to gradually phase out greenhouse intensive hot water systems’.

(2) What key performance indicator will be used to assess whether Australia is ‘on track to being at the forefront of OECD energy efficiency improvement’.