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Orders of the Day relating to Committee Reports 

and Government Responses and 

Auditor-General’s Reports

Orders of the Day relating to Committee Reports and Government Responses

*1  Privileges—Standing Committee—133rd report—Possible false or misleading evidence before the Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee

Adjourned debate on the motion of the chair of the committee (Senator Brandis)—That the Senate endorse the finding at paragraph 1.31 of the 133rd report of the Committee of Privileges ( Senator Bartlett, in continuation, 15 May 2008 ).

Community Affairs—Standing Committee—Report—A decent quality of life: Inquiry into the cost of living pressures on older Australians

Adjourned debate on the motion of the chair of the committee (Senator Moore)—That the Senate take note of the report ( Senator Boyce, in continuation, 20 March 2008 ).


Orders of the Day relating to Auditor-General’s reports

1  Auditor-General—Audit report no. 27 of 2007-08—Performance audit—Emergency management Australia—Attorney-General’s Department

Consideration ( 13 May 2008 ).

2  Auditor-General—Audit report no. 28 of 2007-08—Performance audit—Defence’s compliance with the Public Works Committee approval processes—Department of Defence

Consideration ( 13 May 2008 ).

3  Auditor-General—Audit report no. 29 of 2007-08—Performance audit—Parent School Partnerships Initiative—Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations

Consideration ( 13 May 2008 ).

4  Auditor-General—Audit report no. 30 of 2007-08—Performance audit—The Australian Taxation Office’s use of data matching and analytics in tax administration—Australian Taxation Office

Consideration ( 13 May 2008 ).

5  Auditor-General—Audit report no. 31 of 2007-08—Performance audit—Management of recruitment in the Australian Public Service

Consideration ( 13 May 2008 ).

6  Auditor-General—Audit report no. 32 of 2007-08—Performance audit—Preparation of the Tax Expenditure Statement—Department of the Treasury

Consideration ( 13 May 2008 ).

*7  Auditor-General—Audit report no. 33 of 2007-08—Performance audit—The National Capital Authority’s management of national assets—National Capital Authority

Consideration ( 15 May 2008 ).