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Notice given 2 May 2008

*431  Senator Allison: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Sport—In relation to the decision made in October 2007 by the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) to cease formal relations with Taekwondo Australia Inc. (TA) and to withdraw its 2007-08 funding offer:

(1) Has any action been taken by the ASC to help TA regain its recognition as the national sporting organisation for taekwondo; if not, why not.

(2) Has the ASC reimbursed TA for funds spent prior to the suspension; if not, why not.

(3) Is it the case that the ASC justified its suspension of funding to TA on the grounds that it sacked its national coach during an overseas competition but that this is now known not to be the case; if so, why was funding suspended.


 (4) Is it the case that TA now exceeds the governance requirements of the ASC; if so, why has funding not been reinstated; if not, what requirements are there still to meet.

*432  Senator Abetz: To ask the Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research—With reference to the answer to question on notice AI-4 from the 2007-08 additional estimates hearings of the Economics Committee detailing the department’s agreement with the Australian Associated Press (AAP) to provide a ‘daily, internet-based print media monitoring service AAP NewsCentre’:

(1) How many users were or are actively allocated access to the service: (a) on 21 February 2008; (b) on 21 April 2008; and (c) now.

(2) How many users of the service are located in each of the Ministers’ office(s).

(3) What is the job description and classification of each of the current users of the service.