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Notice given 22 April 2008

*422  Senator Siewert: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts—

(1) (a) Has the department carried out an investigation into breaches of legally binding environmental conditions in relation to the Great Southern Limited (GSL) forest conversion project on Melville Island, Northern Territory; and (b) has the investigation been completed.

(2) (a) Has the department reported on its findings; and (b) will the report be made public.

(3) (a) Has the matter been referred to the Australian Government Solicitor or any other Commonwealth legal agency for advice on prosecution; (b) has this advice been received by the department or the Minister; (c) what does the advice say in regard to the breaches and the need for prosecution to occur; and (d) will this advice be made public.

(4) When will GSL be prosecuted for breaches of its legally binding environmental conditions on Melville Island.

(5) Will GSL be required to rehabilitate the areas of native forest habitat it illegally cleared on Melville Island.