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Notice given 6 March 2008

358  Senator Colbeck: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Health and Ageing—

(1) With reference to the tender being conducted on behalf of the department by Spencer Smith and Associates into the Intensive Care Unit at the Mersey Community Hospital: (a) what is the background of Spencer Smith and Associates, including examples of previous similar consultancies in regional hospitals; (b) when was Spencer Smith and Associates registered as a company; (c) what are the professional qualifications of those undertaking the tender, including Dr Michael Smith, Associate Professor Anthony Burrell and Dr Hugh Burke; (d) how many visits did the tenderer make to the hospital; (e) which personnel of the hospital did the tenderer interview on site; and (f) with which personnel of other health service facilities in the north and north-west of Tasmania did the tenderer meet.

(2) Given that the tender documents provide that the tenderer must consult ‘other local groups identified by the Commonwealth’ in developing advice: (a) which local groups were identified by the Commonwealth to the tenderer; and (b) on what dates did the tenderer meet with each group.