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Notice given 10 August 2006

2332  Senator Allison: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Health and Ageing—

(1) How many medical school graduates are there annually.

(2) How many intern places and vocational training places currently exist for medical school graduates.

(3) Given that there will be a 120 per cent increase in the number of medical school graduates in Australia between the years 2000 and 2012, how many intern positions will be required to meet the need for training places in hospitals for these graduates by the year 2012.

(4) What processes are in place to ensure that these training places will be available.

(5) How much funding is provided for medical training in the Australian Health Care Agreements.

(6) Is Federal Government funding to the states/territories for medical training tied to performance benchmarks: if so, what are these benchmarks; if not, why not.

(7) If more medical schools are approved, what processes will be put in place to ensure that there are adequate training places for the additional graduates.