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Notice given 7 July 2006

2124  Senator Bob Brown: To ask the Minister for Finance and Administration—

(1) Can the following details be provided on the $8 million program ‘Promoting Global Democracy’, listed as an expense measure for the department:

(a) what is the nature and purpose of the program;

(b) who is administering it;

(c) who is advising or providing any other form of assistance with its development or implementation, including their names and organisation;

(d) when was the program initiated;

(e) what activities will be undertaken under the program;


 (f) (i) how will funding be allocated, (ii) who will decide how it is allocated, and (iii) what criteria will be used;

(g) how will the program be monitored and evaluated;

(h) has any money been committed or spent; if so, can details be provided;

(i) what are the reporting arrangements; and

(j) can copies be provided of all documents that outline the genesis, development and content of the program.

(2) Can details be provided of all other publicly funded programs or expenditures that benefit federal parliamentary political parties or their members, directly or indirectly, apart from the standard entitlements available to members of parliament and, in each case: (a) what is the name of the program; (b) what amount is allocated for the 2006-07 financial year and each of the next 3 financial years; (c) what is the nature and purpose of the program; and (d) who will, or is eligible, to benefit.