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Notice given 27 July 2006

2259  Senator Conroy: To ask the Minister for Communications, Information Technology and the Arts—

(1) Is the Minister aware of the decision by Australia Post to discontinue its economy air parcel service from 4 September 2006.

(2) Was the Minister consulted on this change.

(3) Does the Minister support the abolition of the economy air parcel service.


 (4) Is the Minister concerned that the decision will substantially increase the costs of online retailers, particularly booksellers.

(5) Is the Minister satisfied that Australia Post engaged in an adequate process of consultation before making the decision.

(6) Will the Minister ask Australia Post to reconsider this decision; if not, will the Minister ask Australia Post to develop alternative arrangements to assist online retailers.

2260  Senator Conroy: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Small Business and Tourism—

(1) Since 1996, how many inquiries have been established by the Government into the impact of ‘red tape’ on the small business sector.

(2) What recommendations have been made to the Government following each of the above inquiries, by inquiry process and date.

(3) In each case, was the recommendation accepted or rejected by the Government.

(4) If the recommendation was rejected, what was the basis for its rejection.

(5) If the recommendation was accepted and implemented: (a) when and how was it implemented; and (b) what outcomes can be attributed to its implementation.

(6) If the recommendation was accepted and not implemented can the Minister explain why it was not implemented.