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Notice given 21 June 2006

*2106  Senator Evans: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations—

(1) (a) Are the tender processes for Community Development Employment Projects (CDEP) contracts competitive-based; (b) on what criteria are the tenders assessed; and (c) is price a key factor in awarding a contract.

(2) Are organisations seeking CDEP contracts given preference over other applicants if they: (a) are Indigenous community-run; (b) provide culturally-appropriate service; (c) have a sound governance structure and management; (d) already run CDEP; and (e) currently support incubating businesses using CDEP participants.

(3) Please list CDEP providers who have been advised that they will no longer administer CDEP from 1 July 2006.


 (4) For each of the above CDEP providers: (a) what is the name of the organisation which has picked up that contract; and (b) on what basis was the change made.

(5) How many Job Network Agencies serviced Indigenous communities in the financial years: (a) 2004-05; and (b) 2005-06, please indicate the number of physical sites.