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Bills Referred to Committees

Bills currently referred

National Animal Welfare Bill 2005‡

Referred to the Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Legislation Committee ( referred 22 June 2005; reporting date varied 10 August 2005; reporting date: last sitting day in June 2006 ).

Transparent Advertising and Notification of Pregnancy Counselling Services Bill 2005‡

Referred to the Community Affairs Legislation Committee ( referred 11 May 2006; reporting date: 17 August 2006 ).

Provisions of a bill currently referred

Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Bill 2005‡

Referred to the Legal and Constitutional Legislation Committee ( referred 7 September 2005; reporting date varied 11 October 2005; reporting date varied 7 February 2006; reporting date: 14 September 2006 ).

Further information about the progress of these bills may be found in the Senate Bills List at .

Pursuant to adoption of report of Selection of Bills Committee .