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Notice given 13 June 2006

Senator Milne: To move—That the following matter be referred to the Environment, Communications, Information Technology and the Arts References Committee for inquiry and report by 31 March 2007:

Australia’s future sustainable and secure energy supply, with particular reference to:

(a) short-, medium- and long-term greenhouse gas abatement targets and energy emissions intensity goals;

(b) relevant existing and emerging technologies that are likely to make a significant contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions following life-cycle analysis and benchmarked against biodiversity, safety and regional security considerations;

(c) the mix of energy supply and energy use efficiency options that could feasibly meet Australia’s energy intensity requirements;

(d) identification of preferred energy options taking into consideration factors including, but not limited to, cost, reliability, safety, security, regional development and sustainability;

(e) identification of policy adjustments required to stimulate energy markets to develop the preferred options at least cost; and

(f) any other related matters.