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Notice given 14 March 2006

1614  Senator Allison: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Health and Ageing—With reference to the article ‘Exposure to movie smoking: Its relation to smoking initiation among US adolescents’, in Paediatrics , Volume 116(5), pp 1183-1191, which found that exposure to smoking in movies was a primary risk factor for smoking initiation in adolescents:

(1) Has any comparable Australian research been conducted that examines the relationship between exposure to smoking in movies and smoking initiation in Australian young people; if so, what are the findings of this research.

(2) Has the Government funded any research into this issue; if so, what are the details of this funding and research; if not, why not.

(3) Does the Government agree that exposure of young people to smoking in movies increases the likelihood that young people will commence smoking.

(4) What initiatives has the Government put in place to combat the effect of exposure of young people to smoking in movies.

(5) Has the Government investigated any of the following evidence-based approaches to reducing the impact of smoking in movies on young people: (a)  applying the ‘R’ rating to any film that shows tobacco use; (b) showing anti-smoking ads or public service announcements prior to movies with smoking; (c) requiring movie producers to post a certificate in the credits at the end of the movie declaring that no-one on the production received anything of value (money, free cigarettes or other gifts, free publicity, interest-free loans, or anything else) from anyone in exchange for using or displaying tobacco; or (d) banning tobacco brand identification and the presence of tobacco brand imagery (such as billboards) in the background of any movie scene.

(6) Does the Government support the development of an industry code of conduct for the depiction of smoking in films.

1615  Senator Allison: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Health and Ageing—

(1) Has the Government investigated the utility of vaccinating domesticated poultry in Australia as a preventative action to combat bird flu.

(2) Would the vaccination of domesticated poultry protect the industry, therefore potentially saving millions of dollars, and also reduce the pool of the virus from which a mutation to a human form of the virus might occur.

(3) If targeted vaccination of birds were used around any future outbreaks of bird flu in Australia, would this provide a potential buffer zone that would reduce the likelihood of spreading of the disease.

(4) Is the Government considering banning free-range poultry if there are bird flu outbreaks in Australia.

(5) Is the Government stockpiling any of the existing anti-bird flu vaccines for poultry.

1616  Senator Ludwig: To ask the Minister for Fisheries, Forestry and Conservation —With reference to the interception of the Chen Long vessel: Since the vessel was intercepted by the Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA), has the Office of Parliamentary Council received a request or drafting instruction from AFMA, the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service, the Australian Customs Service or the Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry; if so: (a) what is the nature of the requests; (b) when were they received; and (c) what priority has been assigned to this bill.

1617  Senator Ludwig: To ask the Minister for Fisheries, Forestry and Conservation—

(1) Where is the law inadequate in relation to the Chen Long detention.

(2) Has advice been received in relation to any deficiencies or gaps to relevant laws applicable in this instance.

(3) What changes to the law are being urgently considered.

1618  Senator Ludwig: To ask the Minister for Fisheries, Forestry and Conservation—With reference to the Australian Fisheries Management Authority’s (AFMA’s.) role in the capture and detention of the Chen Long :

(1) What section of what Act was used to effect the initial detention.

(2) Were further grounds for detention used during the duration.

(3) Can details be provided indicating how the AFMA became aware of the vessel, including detection, subsequent monitoring, length and means of surveillance and the vessel’s  position and course.

(4) How was the decision to detain the vessel arrived at and who were the participants in the decision-making process (indicating position number and title, not names).

(5) Were the ship’s log and records sequestered and were they relied upon either as grounds for detention or prosecutorial evidence for a Commonwealth offence; if so, can the details be provided outlining the grounds for detention and the power used and/or grounds for prosecutorial evidence and the offence used.


 (6) Regarding the detention of the Chinese freighter Chen Long , what was the cost per day for refrigeration of the 639 tonnes of reef fish.

(7) What were the costs of interception and escort of vessel to port.

(8) What were the costs of guarding services of vessel whilst in port.

(9) What were the berthing costs per day for this vessel.

(l0) Was maintenance and upkeep performed on this vessel during its detention; if so, by whom and what were the total costs.

(11) What was the total cost per day of the crew’s detention.

(12) What was the total cost of investigation.

(13) For how many days was the vessel in detention and for how long were the fish refrigerated.

(l4) What other costs can be attributed to this operation.

(15) What was the total overall cost of this operation.

(16) Was this matter referred to Indonesia for investigation; if so, what was the response received.

1619  Senator Ludwig: To ask the Minister for Immigration and Multicultural Affairs—

(1) Have any of the crew of the Chen Long claimed protection or other types of visas; if so, can details be provided of numbers and class of visa application.

(2) Have any of the crew of the Pong Su claimed protection or another type of visa; if so, can details be provided of numbers and class of visa application.

1620  Senator Ludwig: To ask the Minister for Justice and Customs—

(1) What were the grounds and reasons for not prosecuting the captain and crew of the Chinese freighter Chen Long (if the evidence was insufficient, specify why; if the investigation process was deficient, specify in what areas).

(2) In what area was the law inadequate to prosecute the captain and crew of the Chen Long .

1621  Senator Ludwig: To ask the Minister for Justice and Customs—

(1) Did the Australian Crime Commission (ACC) appoint Kathleen Florian to the position of  manager of investigations in Queensland.

(2) Was her new position confirmed in an e-mail to ACC staff.

(3) Did the ACC subsequently give the job to Marty Nicholson.

(4) Did the ACC then confirm him in the position in an e-mail to staff.

(5) What was the reason for this change.