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Notice given 19 September 2005

Senator O’Brien: To ask the Ministers listed below (Question Nos *1235-*1236)—With reference to the Coalition’s 2004 Election commitment to contribute $1.5 million to improve the Tasman Highway between Nunamara and Targa:

(1) Who made the decision to make this commitment on behalf of Commonwealth and on what date.

(2) Who made the commitment public and on what date.

(3) Is the Commonwealth’s funding commitment contingent upon the provision of funds from the Tasmanian State Government or other sources; if so: (a) what other sources must contribute funds to this project in order for the Commonwealth to meet its commitment; (b) who decided to make Commonwealth funding contingent upon the provision of funds from other sources and on what date; (c) on what date, in what manner and by whom was the Tasmanian State Government and/or other potential providers of funds made aware that the Coalition’s funding commitment to this project was contingent upon the provision of funds from other non-Commonwealth sources; and (d) why is this condition of funding not specified in the Coalition’s 2004 Election document entitled A stronger economy, a stronger Australia: The Howard Government Election 2004 policy: Strengthening Tasmania’s economy and building a better community .

*1235 Minister representing the Minister for Transport and Regional Services

*1236 Minister representing the Minister for Local Government, Territories and Roads