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Notice given 1 August 2005

1042  Senator Bishop: To ask the Minister for Defence—

(1) To date, how much has been spent by the department in relation to Mrs Susan Campbell’s application to the Anti-Discrimination Tribunal of Tasmania.

(2) What is the estimated cost of the application to the Federal Court of Australia seeking injunctive action with respect to Mrs Campbell’s application.

(3) What legal costs have been incurred in relation to other applications by Mrs Campbell, including a previous application to the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (HREOC).

(4) In (1) and (3) above: (a) which law firms represented the Commonwealth; (b) to date, what total payments have been made; and (c) who was the approving delegate.

(5) (a) At what level was the decision made to seek the injunction; (b) who made the decision; and (c) was the Minister informed.

(6) What is the reason for making the application, and would that apply to any other state constituted tribunal of a similar nature.

(7) Has the approval or opinion of the Attorney-General or his department, been sought; if so, what was the substance of that advice.

(8) Has Mrs Campbell sought assistance with legal costs; if so, when and with what outcome.

(9) Has an offer of compensation been made to Mrs Campbell with respect to: (a) her own costs; and (b) pain and suffering as the result of the suicide of her daughter.

(10) (a) What other legal disbursements have been paid by the department in the matter of Lt Commander Robyn Fahy, including representation before HREOC, but excluding the $384 000 plus $60 000 costs already incurred on behalf of Commander McKenzie; and (b) to whom were those payments made.