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Notice given 14 September 2005

Senator Wong: To move—That the following matter be referred to the Employment, Workplace Relations and Education References Committee for inquiry and report by 28 November 2005:

The Government’s proposed changes to welfare, as detailed in Budget paper no. 2—Budget measures 2005-06 , with particular reference to:

(a) the financial impact on people with a disability, parents and their children;

(b) any implications for the capacity of parents to manage their family and work responsibilities, and the consequences for family life;

(c) the effectiveness of the proposed changes in improving the employment prospects of people with disabilities and parents, including through:

(i) the provision of employment services assistance and training,

(ii) the implementation of employer demand strategies, and

(iii) the impact of changing the structure of income support payments on work incentives and effective marginal tax rates;

(d) the impact of the new compliance arrangements on welfare recipients; and

(e) the adequacy of child care assistance for parents affected by the changes, including the adequacy and accessibility of the existing Jobs, Education and Training child care assistance program.