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Notice given 15 February 2005

341  Senator Stott Despoja: To ask the Minister for Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs—

(1) What was the Bakhtiyari’s address in Quetta.

(2) Was anyone ever interviewed who employed Mr Ali Bakhtiyari as an electrical plumber.

(3) Is it true that none of the Bakhtiyaris spoke any Pakistani language; if so, why was it believed they were Pakistani.

(4) Why is linguistic evidence ignored by the department.

(5) Where are the Bakhtiyaris now located.

(6) Is it true that in January 2005 Pakistani authorities decided the Bakhtiyaris were not Pakistanis and immediately helped them go to Afghanistan.

(7) If the Bakhtiyaris were from Pakistan, and presumably had relatives and friends there, why did they choose to go to Afghanistan.

(8) If the Bakhtiyaris are from Afghanistan, why was $5 million spent denying they were.

(9) Can the Minister provide linguistic proof that the Bakhtiyaris were from Pakistan; if not, will the Minister admit the Bakhtiyaris were innocent as charged and apologise for their torment and suffering, especially that of the children.

(10) What will the Minister do to recompense them for their suffering and the mistakes made by the department that distorted and probably ruined their lives.