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Notice given 21 June 2005

971  Senator Brown: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Revenue and Assistant Treasurer—With reference to early access to superannuation funds under the financial hardship provisions:

(1) Why are full-time students who receive the Youth Allowance not eligible to access their funds to assist them to meet their study and other living expenses.

(2) Can this anomaly be addressed by reclassifying the Youth Allowance (for tertiary students), including it in the list of income support payments which would entitle a recipient to early access to superannuation funds for essential living expenses.

972  Senator Allison: To ask the Minister for Finance and Administration—

(1) What input does the Government provide to the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank to seek an increase in their lending for microfinance, and increased targeting of this lending to the poorest people.

(2) Does the Government have any information on annual lending levels for microfinance by the Asian Development Bank, as well as its total portfolio for microfinance.

(3) In 2004, the President of the Asian Development Bank wrote to parliamentarians indicating the bank was undertaking a review of its microfinance strategy; has this review been completed.