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Notice given 16 September 2003

601  Senator Hutchins: To move—That the Senate—

(a) notes:

(i) the British Health Secretary’s recent decision to provide compensation to all Britons who contracted Hepatitis C as a result of receiving contaminated blood products from the National Health Service, and

(ii) that individuals are expected to receive between £20 000 and £45 000;

(b) commends the decision of the British Labour Government to provide payments to people who contracted Hepatitis C through no fault of their own;

(c) notes that many Australians who have contracted Hepatitis C in the same manner are yet to be compensated; and

(d) encourages the Australian Government to take similar action and compensate Australians who have had the misfortune of suffering the health problems associated with Hepatitis C.

603  Senator Nettle: To move—That the Senate—

(a) notes that:

(i) there are currently more than 250 Iranians in immigration detention in Australia,

(ii) the Government has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Iranian Government that creates a bilateral response to Iranian asylum seekers that fail to be granted refugee status in Australia,

(iii) a number of these detainees were, in August 2003, offered $1 000 to return to Iran voluntarily, or face forced deportation,

(iv) Amnesty International has described ongoing concerns about human rights abuses in Iran, including its 2003 report on Iran which states:

Scores of political prisoners including prisoners of conscience were arrested. Others continued to be held in prolonged detention without trial or were serving prison sentences imposed after unfair trials. Some had no access to lawyers or family. Freedom of expression and association continued to be restricted by the judiciary and scores of students, journalists and intellectuals were detained. At least 113 people, including long-term political prisoners were executed, frequently in public and some by stoning, and 84 were flogged, many in public,

(v) at least 4 Iranian asylum seekers who were returned to Iran by Australia have reportedly ‘disappeared’, and one of them was reportedly killed, and

(vi) these disappearances add to a tragic list of deaths and disappearances which have occurred following deportations and repatriations triggered by the failure of Australian authorities to correctly identify genuine refugees; and

(b) calls on the Government to:

(i) suspend forced deportations of Iranian asylum seekers,

(ii) release the details of the MOU with the Iranian Government, and

(iii) establish a judicial commission of inquiry into migration law to consider measures to prevent the systematic failure of the Australian Government to correctly identify genuine refugee applicants.

604  Senator Brown: To move—That the Senate—

(a) notes reports in the British press that the United States of America and Britain have decided to delay indefinitely the publication of a full report into Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction (WMD) because the efforts of the Iraq survey group, an Anglo-American team of 1 400 scientists, have so far failed in its task to locate WMDs; and

(b) calls on the Prime Minister (Mr Howard) to apologise to the Australian people for misleading them on the reasons for going to war with Iraq.