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Notice given 3 March 2003

*2  Senator Brown: To move—That the following matters be referred to the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade References Committee for inquiry and report by 26 June 2003:

The operation and effectiveness of Australia’s security and intelligence agencies in the lead up to the Bali bombings, including:

(a) the discrepancies, if any, between Australia and other nations (including the United States of America) in intelligence received regarding terrorist operations prior to the bombings;

(b) action taken in Australia and elsewhere to warn the public of potential dangers; and

(c) any other matters concerning security and intelligence agencies affecting Australians in relation to the Bali bombings.

Order of the Day

Environment, Communications, Information Technology and the Arts References Committee

Report to be presented on environmental performance at the Ranger, Jabiluka, Beverley and Honeymoon uranium operations.