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Notice given 20 August 2002

568  Senator Nettle: To ask the Minister for Defence—

(1) What studies is the Minister aware of addressing the effects on personnel, civilians or the environment related to the use of depleted uranium in munitions, particularly the use of this material to coat shell casings.

(2) What, to the Minister’s knowledge, is the relevance of these studies to Australian involvement in: (a) the Gulf War; (b) the conflict in Afghanistan; and (c) any other conflict or military operation.

(3) What, if any, discussions have been undertaken between the Australian Government and United States Government representatives in relation to the use and effects of depleted uranium in joint or cooperative military operations.

(4) Does the use of weapons containing depleted uranium create any actual or potential inconsistency with rules of combat, laws of military engagement or any other international conventions or agreements relating to military conflicts.

569  Senator Ludwig: To ask the Minister representing the Treasurer—With reference to Part X Bankruptcy Agreements lodged in each of the 2000-01 and 2001-02 financial years:

(1) How many barristers and lawyers applied for, and were successful in obtaining, Part X agreements in each Australian state and territory.

(2) How much tax revenue to the Australian Taxation Office was forgone through part payments resulting from Part X agreements filed by barristers and lawyers in each Australian state and territory.

(3) What was the total amount of tax revenue lost to the Australian Taxation Office through part payments resulting from Part X agreements in each Australian state and territory.

(4) How many Part X creditors’ meetings did officers of the department attend in each Australian state and territory.

570  Senator Cook: To ask the Minister for Health and Ageing—With reference to GMF Health, a Kalgoorlie-based private health insurance fund which was placed in the hands of Mr Peter Hedge, an administrator appointed by the Private Health Insurance Administration Council on 23 December 2001:

(1) What duties were specified on his appointment for Mr Hedge to perform in his role as Administrator of GMF Health.

(2) What monies have been paid: (a) to Mr Hedge in respect of his duties as administrator; and (b) to any related employing entity of Mr Hedge.

(3) On what basis have these payments been calculated.

(4) For how many hours or days, and on which dates, has Mr Hedge, or any related employing entity of Mr Hedge, been paid for services relating to his role as administrator.

(5) What other expenses has Mr Hedge incurred and/or been reimbursed for in relation to his employment as administrator.

(6) What experience and qualifications does Mr Hedge have to enable him to perform the role of administrator.

(7) Was any of the financial analysis and accounting work incumbent in Mr Hedge’s role as administrator performed by persons other than Mr Hedge or staff of GMF Health; if so, was any of this work contracted out to local accounting firms in Kalgoorlie.

(8) (a) How much longer is it anticipated that Mr Hedge’s services will be required as Administrator of GMF Health; and (b) how much is it anticipated this will cost.