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Notice given 24 April 2002

280  Senator Evans: To ask the Minister for Defence—With reference to the ground-based air defence weapon systems (GBADWSs):

(1) Can the Minister confirm that the Australian Defence Force (ADF) uses the Rapier weapon system as the main GBADWS.

(2) When did that system enter service.

(3) What is the proposed end of life for this system.

(4) Currently how much does it cost to purchase each of the missiles for this system.

(5) (a) How many missiles are fired from this system each year for training purposes; and (b) does this level of use ensure required skills, as specified by the ADF, are maintained for all units required to use this system.

(6) (a) Was this system deployed as part of the security arrangements for the recent Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting; and (b) why were F-18s used to provide air defence for the site, given the existence of the GBADWS.

(7) With reference to the JP 117 system, what is the expected in-service delivery date.

(8) Is there a gap between the end of life for the current GBADWS and the next system; if so, why.

(9) (a) In the period between the end of life for the Rapier system and the delivery of the JP 117 system, what GBADWS will be used in the ADF; (b) what is the capability of this interim system; (c) will it provide the necessary ground-based air defence for ADF units; and (d) will the interim system provide the equivalent capability of the current Rapier system.