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Notice given 18 June 2002

Senator Murphy: To move—

(1) That the following matters be referred to the Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport References Committee for inquiry and report by 12 December 2002:

(a) whether there are impediments to the achievement of the aims of ‘Plantations for Australia: The 2020 Vision’ strategy;

(b) whether or not the initial imperatives, goals and actions of the strategy have been proceeded with;

(c) whether there are elements of the strategy which should be altered in light of any impediments identified;

(d) whether or not the states are employing world’s best practice in sustainability and environmental applications for plantation development;

(e) whether there are further opportunities to maximise the benefits from plantations in respect of their potential to contribute environmental benefits, including whether there are opportunities to:

(i) better integrate plantations into achieving salinity and water quality objectives and targets,

(ii) optimise the environmental benefits of plantations in low rainfall areas, and

(iii) address the provision of public good services (environmental benefits) at the private cost of plantation growers;

(f) whether there is the need for government action to encourage longer rotation plantations, particularly in order to supply sawlogs; and

(g) whether other action is desirable to maintain and expand a viable and sustainable plantation forest sector, including the expansion of processing industries to enhance the contribution to regional economic development.

(2) That the committee provide interim reports on issues of importance as and when they arise and take account of other reports and findings, such as the Private Forests Consultative Committee’s review of ‘Plantations for Australia: The 2020 Vision’ strategy.

Notice of motion altered on 19 June 2002 pursuant to standing order 77.