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Notice given 12 February 2002

Leader of the Australian Democrats (Senator Stott Despoja): To move—That the Senate calls upon the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security to investigate:

(a) with specific reference to the events related to the MV Tampa :

(i) whether the Defence Signals Directorate (DSD) or any other intelligence or security agency intercepted communications to or from the MV Tampa , or any other communications relating to the MV Tampa ,

(ii) on what legal basis any such interceptions were undertaken,

(iii) for what purpose any such interceptions were undertaken, and

(iv) on whose instructions any such interceptions were undertaken; and

(b) whether legislation, regulations and guidelines relating to the DSD’s activities adequately guard against:

(i) improper actions by the DSD, and

(ii) the improper use of the DSD by the Government; and

to fully report to the Senate on the result of the investigation.

On 15 May 2002

General Business—Notice of Motion