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Notice given 12 March 2002

31  Senator Allison: To move—That there be laid on the table by the Minister for Defence (Senator Hill), no later than immediately after motions to take note of answers on 20 March 2002, the following documents:

R225.040 Health Physics - Tolerances Ingested and Inhaled Materials

R225.041 Health Physics - External Radiations

R216.010 Chemical Warfare Testing Sites - Report by Joint Aus/US Survey Team

R217.025 Effect on Personnel of Atomic Testing at Maralinga

R100.018 DCMO Brisbane and Amberley

R208.010 Certificates for wounds and hurts

R065.015 Likelihood of Clandestine Introduction of Nuclear Weapons into Australia

R065.046 UK Testing at Woomera of Missiles with Nuclear Warheads

R210.004 Radiation Dose Records

R010.002 Comparison of UK Personnel Listings Against Exposure Records in Australia

R228.022 Safety Procedures and Health Effects - Investigations

R009.011 Weapons Atomic Test Program Investigation of Safety and Health Effect.