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Notice given 1 August 2001

3787  Senator Bourne: To ask the Minister for the Environment and Heritage—With reference to the answer to question on notice no. 3605:

(1) With reference to the main study referred to in (1), what did the main study require that there be done.

(2) If action was required, what was the action taken.

(3) With reference to the follow up monitoring of six tasks referred to in (1), what is the relationship between the main study and this monitoring; Specifically, how much of the main study requirements are fulfilled by these six tasks.

(4) (a) With reference to the answer to (3), can the Minister provide details of which studies he is referring to that indicate heavy metals; and (b) can the results of these studies be provided.

(5) With reference to the human health impact referred to in the last paragraph of part three, what studies are being done to monitor the effects of the high levels of trace metals on fish and other animals and the environment in general, aside from the impact on human health.

3788  Senator Faulkner: To ask the Minister representing the Treasurer—

(1) Since March 1996, has the department or any agency in the Treasury portfolio employed or contracted the following persons or companies: Mr Marvin Oka, Mr Richard Hames, Generative Learning Technologies Pty Ltd, the Masterlogics Group Pty Ltd, Behavioural Technology Productions Pty Ltd, Mindtech Solutions Pty Ltd, Back Beach Pty Ltd, or the Hames Group Pty Ltd; if so: (a) what are the details of this employment or contract, including the date of contract, dates of provision of goods or services, and expected conclusion of the contract period; (b) which area of which agency undertook the contract; (c) what goods or services were contracted to be provided; (d) which goods or services have actually been provided; and (e) to what Commonwealth purpose have these goods or services been put.

(2) (a) What was the expected total cost of the contract when signed; (b) how were these costs apportioned to each aspect of the contract; (c) how much has been paid to date in contract payments; (d) on what date have payments been made, and what did the Commonwealth receive for each of these payments; and (e) what is the expected extra costs payable under this contract between now and the conclusion of the contract.

(3) (a) Does the contract provide for the provision of tangible goods or services, or does it include intellectual property or any other intangible services; and (b) if intellectual property services are provided, does the contract provide for a royalty, or any other form of payment for this intellectual property, and what is the total cost over the life of the contract for this provision.

(4) (a) Was there a comprehensive tender process for this contract; if not, why not; (b) what process was undertaken; (c) who made the recommendation of preferred tenderer; and (d) who made the final decision to undertake the contract.

(5) (a) What was the identified Commonwealth need to be met by this contract; (b) what criteria were used in the selection process; (c) what are the qualifications of the persons involved in delivering the goods or services specified under the contract; and (d) if intellectual property is involved, what process did the department or agency undertake to ensure that the intellectual property was actually owned by the contracted consultant.

(6) (a) What audit or compliance review has been undertaken into the awarding of this contract; (b) when was it undertaken; (c) who undertook this audit or review; and (d) what was the result.

(7) (a) What audit or compliance review has been undertaken into the performance of this contract; (b) when was it undertaken; (c) who undertook this audit or review; and (d) what was the result.

(8) (a) Will further audit or compliance reviews be undertaken into the performance of this contract; (b) when will they be undertaken; and (c) who will undertake these audits or reviews.