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Notice given 27 July 2001

3781  Senator Faulkner: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Employment, Workplace Relations and Small Business—

(1) Has the Government decided to proceed with an advertising campaign for the work for the dole scheme.

(2) Which advertising agency has been contracted for this campaign.

(3) Was the contract let under open tender; if not, why not.

(4) What is the total cost of the campaign.

(5) (a) What is the total cost of the media buy for this campaign; and (b) what is the cost for the media buy in: (i) metropolitan television, (ii) metropolitan radio, (iii) metropolitan newspapers, (iv) other metropolitan media (please specify), (v) non-metropolitan television, (vi) non-metropolitan radio, (vii) non-metropolitan newspapers, or (viii) other non-metropolitan media (please specify).

(6) (a) What is the cost of research for this campaign; and (b) has this cost been increased from the original figure of $4.2 million provided during the estimates hearings.

(7) (a) What is the nature of the research for this campaign, ie. quantitative or qualitative; (b) will tracking research be conducted for this campaign; and (c) who has been contracted to undertake the research.

(8) (a) On what date does this advertising commence; and (b) over what period is the campaign expected to run.

(9) Will the advertising campaign use paid models in the advertisements rather than work for the dole scheme participants.

3783  Senator Harris: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Finance and Administration—

(1) Must a senator or member use a residential address for electoral roll enrolment purposes even if the address is located outside the boundaries of the electorate that he or she represents.

(2) Is a member who lives in a capital city but represents a rural electorate able to use his or her electoral office address for the electoral roll.

(3) May senators or members vote in federal elections in the divisions they represent even though they do not reside in those electorates.

(4) If senators or members live outside the divisions that they represent, can they use a private-plated vehicle to commute to a polling booth in those divisions; if so, will the department cover the associated costs.

(5) Do electoral allowances and other entitlements differ between senators and members.

(6) Is a member allowed to drive a private-plated vehicle outside his or her electorate on electorate business; if so, will the department cover the associated costs.